Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v4

Tothe Reader. he prophecied that Chrift thou!d die for thatnation, and not for that nation only,but that alto he (hould gather to- gether in one the children ofGod that werefcattered a- broad. Yhisfenfe was farfrom theheart ofCaipbas,though thewords which bear it wereuttered withhis tongue. And thus ifwe(inforceplaces)pafby the particular meaning ofthe fpeakers,and keep to thegeneral meaningofwhat isfpoken,we maymake afavoury.and anedifying conflrtsc`7ion of every paf. Page in this Took inwhit h as there are abundance ofholy truths and as it were a compendium both of Law and Gofpel, fo (upon thisaccount) there is no onefentence in op- poling any one truth contained and heldforth ineither. And thereforefromall therepremifes I conclude the queflion frrf propofedaffirmatively , That yob and his friends fpake by the infpiration of God, or as they were moved by the HolyGhoi}. 1fhall not entertain the Reader any longer at the door or in the entryofthe book : but commending this briefesercita- tionwith thefollowing expofitions to thebleiling ofGod, for a fruitful imprvement of there and all other helps , which hisgracious bounty continues or renews upon usfor thefur. theranceofourfaith and knowledge in , andofour obedience to the whole myflery o fhis will revealed in his word ,1fub. fcribemy fey March zo. 1648. Your affe&ionate Friend, to love and ferve 'you in the Lord, ofeph Caryl.