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Chap. tz. efln Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. i6. 131 they are content toforgive an injury , bip they can neverforget it; I lay, forget it fo far as to forgive it furry and then remember it as muchas you will. The naturall memory of injuries is no fin, bur the angry' and revengefull memory. God in the newCovenant is faid to forget the fins of his people, and to remember them n more ; but doth he forget any thing, or doth it flip out of his memory ? No, he knows all things by one kverlafling aa, and he remembers even all the fins ofhis eltifl, he remembers all the fens which he hath pardoned; but he is laid not to remember them, or to forget them when he pardons them, becaufe they are be- fore him as if they were not remembred that is he is not pro- voked by thofe fins , his Spiritis not drawn out in revenges again{} fuch finners as he hath pardoned. Thus in the text beforeus :. Yob being delivered from his outward of tElions and inward tempta- tions , is affured he fhall forget them; not that the rationall a fhould be deleted and blotted out , but the fenlrive : the trouble of this troubles , the affliCtiveneffe ofhis affliCtionsdhould be re- moved, he fhould remember forrow to his forrow no more. Seeing it is promifed Job thathe (hall forget his mifery ; Hence Obferve , Thar, The very reprefentation of evils pall, may bea prefent preng evil. The reprefentation ofpail aflfittions, is fometimes very affili.' fE}ive. As a man ,y confidering his formercomforts -, may take in comfort ; or byreflefting upon, and remembring his former fins, may fin over all, his fins: fo by remembring his former forrows,he may have a new indurance and impreflion upon hisfpirit ofall his farrows. It is a mercy when evils are remembred withouta tafle ofevil ; and when a review offormer forrowsdoth not revive our forrows. Secondly Obferve , Thou(haltforget thy mifery. Forgetfulneffe is the cure ofall ourfurrows. The forgetfulnefle offorne things is a fin, and the forgetfulneffe of other things is a priviledge. To forger our duties, to forget, the minde ofGod made known untous , is our fn ; but (as ex- plained ) to forget the troubleand affliction which bath been upon us, is fpeciall priviledge ; It is fin to forget the biflory of our troubles, but it is mercy to forget the pain of them. Forger- fulneffe is good for little ; only the forgetfulneffeof theevil of fin, or ofevil cuffotns,fo as not to pra£tife them again ; and the S z forget;