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aa Chap. t t . e4n expoftion upon the Baok,of Jò a: Vert i6,. forgetfullnes of the evilsoif punifhment, or of_orír evil condition, foas not to be oppreffed with them,.is good , and the cure of all thofe evils. When the word preached hath wounded the heart ofa wicked man and made it fnrart , what is his cure ? his cure is tocall the word out ofhis thoughts,and to forget ir,or as much ofit as he can ; if he can but forget the word, his cure is wrought, and he is whole again ; though indeed , fuch a mansremedy is worfe then his difeafe, and his plailler then his pain , yet hehath got ( fuch as it is) a cure. Thus alto the £orgetfullneffe of our troubles is the remedy of our troubles , as deep is of our foreft travels. (Pfal.a7.z.) So hegiveth his belovedfleep ; So how is that ? that is, notwithllanding all the hard labour and pains they take , yet the Lord giveth them fleep, and Beep makes them for- get all their former labour.. So fome interpret thole words, (Pfàl. t 26.2.) We were likethem that dream that is , when the Lord began to work deliverance, to turn again the captivity of Zion ; we (as it were) forgot what out ¡late andcondition but lately was ; a dreamer forgets how it was with him ; fo, we are as them that dream , we have forgotten all the evils we havebeen in, even the long time of our captivity. When a friend is in great pain , fuch as the tooth-ach, &c. we fay to him (in a meri- ment) do but forget it a whileand you'hall be cured. You may write (probatum eft) upon this receit, ifyou can receive it. But it is God only that can caufe us to receive,t, he only can work this forgetfullneflë ofevil as heonly works a.true remem- brance ofwhat is good. Some menhave taught anart ofmemory, but 'ils God mull teach this art offorgetfullneffe ; this forget- fullneffe proceeds from the grace or favour ofGod. Heathens (peak much of the river .Lethes, of which ifa mandid drink , he prefently loll his memory, and forgot all that he had either en- joyed or endured. Lenauel (Prov.3 r.4.) wouldnot have Kings drinkwine, (that is, immoderately) le. they drink,andforget the law (verf.;.) but he advifeth (verf.6.) to give Jlrong drink, to himthat is ready to perifh, and wine unto thofe that are of heavy Mülrimodrs fe- hearts. Let him drink,andforget bis'poverty,and rememberhis mi- jr comm3cut.+r [tryno more (v.7.) Of this wipe force underlland that of the Evan- ,a,hus,Biy,rhægeltíl Marke, in his delciription ofChrifls pailïon (c.i 5, v.22.) pr.vfumptione Ìhey,tave him wine to drinkmingledwith mirrhe but he received 'munttus. it not. Naturalifts obferve , mirrhe flu ices and dulls the Apul. 1. 8. fenfe ofpain ; but Chrifl bid pain do its worfi , he needed not forget