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Chap. r r. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf. t forget it who was able to conquer it ; his Spirit was infinitely above fuch reliefs. But to the point , as there is a natural! and anartificiali way to caufe forgetfullneffe of mifery, fo there is a fupernaturall. God can give his people to drink offuch a myfli call Lethes , he can give them a cup of fuch a river of confolation, as thall drown the memory ofall their forrows. As whena table- book is writtenall over, you may take a f unge and wipe out every letter fowhen our memories are full ofour miferies, the Lord can fpunge all out, and not leave fo rauch as one lire or let. ter tobe read any more. Thirdly, Zophar puts this forgetfullne% ofhis 'mifery; asa confequent of lobs putting away ofhis iniquity. Hence, Obferve, When the hand and heart are clear offin,formerPeering: willnot begrievous to M. So long as a man continues in fin , not only his prefent, but his pall fufferings are his torment : put away iniquity , and thou put-; ten away the tormenting thoughtsof thy mifery ; thouShalt not feed upon the woormwooáandthegall, as the Church did, (Lam.3. V. r g.) while the remembredher ate &ion: the blowwas pail, bat the remembrance of it was as bitter as gall, and as unpleafant as a dinner of wormwood. In heaven , or in that perfeé1 flare of bleffedneffe which is promifed (Rev. 7. 17.) godwill wipe away, all tears from our eyes, becaufe then he will for ever call every fin out of our hearts and lives. The captiveYews in Babylon kept their fins tooclofe, and therefore when they fate down by the ri- ver, and remembred Zion, they wept (Tfai:î37.) the forrows and afliietions which they had inZion,. as well as their love to Zion, made them weep in Babylon, though while they were in Babylon, -. they lived free from forrow, fo free, that many of them'could not begot out of Babylon when God called them away (Zech. 2..6.) and when Cyrus had proclaimed them a full liberty to go away (Ezra1.3.) yet fay they,when we remembred thee,OZiortwe wept. The remembrance offormer troubleswill affli* till we are clear- ed from the guilt and have fubdued the power of fin. Thon¡halt forget thy mifery. And remember it as waters . that paffe away. Some reade there and the words before , not as a promife, bat as an exhortation x Do thou forget thy niifery, or remember it as 3 waters 33..