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14o Chap. t t . -r9n ExpoRiot upon the' Book of JOB. Verf. i 7 morning light that fhineth more and more unto theperfeEt day. So then there two are excellently joined together , to make up the higheftexpre(íion of a profperous eflate ; thy eflate (hall be fo profperous, in the degree of ít,thatit than be clearer then the noon- day ; and yet it (hall be of fuch continuance , or rather of fuch in- creafe,that it (hall be as the morning; thou fink be in a flare ofper- feLtion yet receiving addition : though in a firid fenfe Philofophy defines that only perfell, to which nothing can be added, yet there is a kinde of perfeLtion in receiving additions: lobs mare (hall be fo perfeLl that it Iluall need no addition , and yet there lhall be additions to its perfection, It fhaldbe anoon forperfection , it frail be a morning for additionandaugmentation , 7hou (haltfhineforth to clie morning. Hence Oblerve, God is as able tocontinue his people ina high efteue and to encreafe it, as to raife them to it. Thy light pall beas the noon, and thoufhaltThineforth ad the mor- ning. If the Lord pleafe , he can flop the declinnings anddecayes even of temporalls , he can give us an everlafling noon in the things of this Iife , and he will certainly doe it in the life to come. He who caufeth our Sun toafcend till it makes a noon , can com- mand it to fland arnoon or afcend till it makes a clearer noon : As himfelfis higher then the highefl,fo he can makeus higher,when we think our selves at the higheft. As he makes darkneffe of affiktion darker to many who fuppofed it to be at the darkefl, fo he makes the light of joy lighter to many who fiuppofed it to be at the lightefi. Some whole flare is darker then midnight , are yet as the evening encreafng in darknef e, and tome whole age is clearer then the noon -day , are yet as the morning encreafing in light. Ourevil dayes and ourgood dayes, our furrows and our joyes, receive their limits from the hand ofGod.Our forrows will every day be more forroìv;úll unleffe God f}.np them, and our joyes will every day bemore joyful! ifGod enlarge them. Secondly As rho word lignifies to obfcure and darken, the fenfe appears thus , Thou (halt be clearer than thenoon , and ifany eonfohanonun- obfcurity faire upon thee , yet thou(halt match the morning , thou quam deem;t r- omnibusad (halt overcome that darknef e , and thy s'.ie chall be c'ear again, tatliilS, aver- clouds (hall break upon thee, day (hall dawn, and comfort 'hall renew ; Thyobfcuritypall be as the morning, which difperf- eth darkneffe, and gonquers it by the approaciling light. That promife