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Chap. r h. An Expofition upon the Took of J OB. Verf. 8 . r . tt}ÿ Chrift is the fubf1antial pillar of the foul the promifes are decla- rative pillars. As it is the priviledge of beleevers , that they may, fo it is their duty , and they mull reft upon thofe pillars. They are invited to dole with every wordofGod , and embrace every offer which he makes. The word is fpoken in vain , mercies are tendered in vain , except we a& faith and pitch our hope upon 'them. Shall we be confident when men (who area lye and their breath is in their nofirils ) give us hopes they will Rand our friends and help us ;,and Ihall wenot when thegreat , the faith- fill and everliving God faith he will beour friendand helper There are three confiderations which Ihould make us hope whenfoever God offers us à word. Firft confider, what 'God hashdone. Experience works hope. Look into your own experiences, and ask ,after the experiences of others. The report of bcth wily' be , Thou Lord haft not for-. faken them that fe&.thee. Pfal.9, io) who would not feel(' him who hath never forsaken thole that leek him ? Secondly confider, who it is that ingageth: It is God A God all fufficient to make good his word , there is nothing too hard for him : and as not one iotaor title ofhis commands , fo not one ofhis promifes Ihall fail , all (hall be fulfilled. He gives promifes andhe can create performances. Thepromife isgood, bur theprosnìfer is better, thelefore be thou fecure and trufl when thou haft his promife. Thirdly , Confider the relation which God beareth to his people. It Is not an enemy , that (peaks to enfnare and circum- vent us, to mock anddelude us ;" it is not a jull manwho (peaks, who (though he mean well, and bath a rninde to do what he fpeaks) yet may foon become unable : but it is God, in relation a friend to us , a father tous, one who fpeaks what he meaneth, and is able to doe what he (peaks. It is God who is able , and who no accident can difable, he it is that (peaks unto us. If God tell thee thy light than be clearer then the noon , that thou fhait thine forth as the morning, be thou confident, aft faith, yea let faith have a perfefl work then it bath when_we miff per- fatly , Be fecure becaufe there is hope ; That's the Ertl priviledge promifed, The fecond is this, Tea thou (halt digabout thee. 7mi lodit hint to ip Some expound this digging tropologically for the works ofafediende. V holy