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s 46 Chap. II . .4n expofrtion upon the Bookof J OB. Verf. a g. holy woribip and obedience to God. There are a kinde ofdigging - in Gods earth. Others, Thou jhalt dig, That is, thou (halt provide they grave. As ifhe had raid , Ipromife the favour not onlywhile thou livef$ ád fepulcrum but when thou art dead thou (halt have a comelyburial!, and be Fertinet, 9. d. laid in thy fepulcher with honour. The words which follow, s fcurus.Áubn. [Thou fhalt take thy ,'refä in fafety] are interpreted to fill up his íènle, Thou Jhalt be laid in thygrave, andwhen thou art there none fhall violate thy afhes, or difguiet thy duff. It is threatned as a fore curie (Ter,$. r.) that the bones of the deceafed Kings and Prin- ces, &e. thould be pull'd out of their graves, and fhould be (read before the Sun and Moon andall the hoY1 of heaven , whom they had loved. Now here (lay they) lob is affured that none that! fir his bones, or pillage his tombe, when he Ihould deep with his fathers in the grave. But I pale it. Thirdly, Thou ¡halt dig about thee , that is , thou (halt draw a M line of defence or a trench about thee ; So r. Broughton, Thou yacebú fecu. (halt entrench, and lye down fafely. The moles fafety (who is du: velut fora named from this word in the Hebrew) is in earthing himfelf; eircumdulla. and fo is the fafety of men in warre. Thus it is an ex refßon of g Y a reatefl fafety thou fhalt be as fafe as if thou wert fortified with act vallo ce foga count_ walls and trenches , or hull} planted bulworks round about sus. Vatab. thee. Fourthly, "Others think that Zophar alludes to the fafhion of thole times ; Either firfl , In their removings , when taking up Puto dadi .id their tents, and intending to pitch them in a new place , they dig- moremdrabunt ged to let in the flakes and fallen them; To todig is no more but duifubinde ta- thi > > 6ernacula! tea s thou (halt pitch thy tent, or let up thy tabernacleand be in && fides move_ fafety : God can proteft thee in a tent as well as in a caille. We b.,nt. Mere, call the furnitureofear houfes, our moveables, but theyhadmovea- ble houfei. Or fecondly, That he alludes to their diggingofwells, which was in thofe ages and places a notedbufneffe, as we may reade in tlenefis. So, Thou (halt dig, is, thou (halt makeprovif- on for thy flocks and cattel (water-being one part is put for all) and none than contend with thee, as the herdfinen oflfaac and of Gerar did, ÿen.26. 20. rodiiendi opt- a Fifthly, I rather conceive digging is put either f}riely for tit: _ gam ad rem am eBm a- ling andmanuring theearth , or, more largely, for the labour of 'aietsxus. any calling; Thou (halt dig about thee that is, thou (halt follow thy bufanefie in the place where providence hath cat{ thee; dig- ging