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156 Chap. i . e.An Expoftion upon the Book, of JOB. Ven zo. decal fitting at the Kings gate vexed him. secondly Obferve, Wicked men (hall never obtain the good things they long for and gape after. Their hopes (hall be fruitleffe, their projefls fuccefles, their la- bour (hall be labour in vain. The bell are fometimes put to it ve- ry hard, their refuge and their 'hopes fail them long, though not for ever , `Pfa1.69. 3. Mine eyes fail while I wayt for my God. David waited fo long that he was even weary with waiting yet God came at la(t. The ftubborn etas are threatned, Deut. z8. 32. Thy Sons and thy Daughters 'hallbe given to another people, and thine eyes Pall lookand fail with longing for them all the day long. Sifera's Mother and her wife Ladies looked long through the lattice for his coming , but he came not at all. The eyes of the wicked !hall fail indeed', they (hall fail with waiting upon their idols and vanities , upon their lufls and lies , upon their relations and friends upon their policies and plottings : It Ihould make theSaints to lift up their heads and their eyes with confidence, that God will caufe the eyes ofwicked men to fail. And they(hall not efcape. 'nHDUO As they (hail not receive the good which they expea, fo they Cr1113 (hall not be able todeliver themfelves from the evil which they .Efugiun peri-fear. They 'hall not efcap the Hebrew is , their refuge 'hall fail bit a in. them ; Mr. Broughton , Their refuge Pall be forlorn. You may take it either in reference to their efcaping the hand of men , or to their efcaping the hand of God. They (hall not efcape the hand of men, their refuge (ball fail them there. When once Saul was forfaken of God, he could not efcape the hand of the philiflins fee i Sam. 28. what means he made to efcape them , whom he had often conquered he goes to the devil for help , but he could not efcape , Nothing 'hall doe them good who are forfakenof God. And if they cannot efcape the hands of men, much leffé (hall they be able to efcape the hand of God. As his hand is not (hortned to fave fo not to puni(h. Where he re- folves to firike, he can. TheyPall not efcape. This intimates two things. L. The falfeneffe of thofe props and fupports, whether per fons or things , upon which they leaned ; I (faith D4vid, Pfal. 1424.) looked on my right hand, andbcheid, bat thinwas no man that