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Chap: t I en Expofition repon the Bookiof J OB. Vert 2n. 155' to all wicked men, yet it feems toaim chiefly at thole who intuit- ed over -ob in his aflii ion. Thefemens eyes, faithZophar, (hall kckzled and (ink in their heads at the fplenduur of that reflitu- tion which God will make in thy eflate if thouwilt but return to God and repent. They who mocked thy fall , fhall beamazed at rhy rifing. This firfl claule taken in conneetion with the counfel before given, yeelds us this Obfervation. The prayers of the Saints draw down good upon theni felves , and trouble apon ihéir adverfaries. Prayer is anofen(ìve weapon as a well as defenfive : as it pro- teas us from evil and attaineth good for us fo it wounds our enemies and obflruas the paffages of their good. What hinders the delires of wicked men and breaks their prole&i ? what flops the courle oftheir counfels 3 Some poor foul , perhaps many are praying againfi them, and then, the eyes of the wicked (hail fail, they (hall never partake of their expe 1ations. There is a de- flroying power in the prayers of the Saints , as well asa faving and a helping power. The witneffes have a flame at their lips, fire proceedeth out of their mouthes which devoureth their ene- mies (Rev. i I.) which moil interpret to be their prayers : they pray their enemies to dellruaion they pray them into difap- pointments ; their enemies lay defignes, and prayer difmount= eth their delignes or turns their Artillery againf} their own breal:is. Secondly , Take the interpretations given of there words in their own compa(fe. Then Obferve firil : It is avexation towickedmen, avery pain to their eyes, to fee the projperity ofgodly men. A good {al is an eye-fore to thole that are evil. Haman was in án high diate, a great man and full ofhonour , yet .ìt'íodecai was- an ,ye-fore to him Hamann eyes failed when he law and therefore after he had made report to his friends and to ï is wife, of theglory ofhis riches, and the tnaltittdeofbis children, and all the things wherein theRing hadpromotedhire,&c. he incts into this fad and dilconrented.conciuh n, yep all this availeth me nothing ; fo long as I fee e,%Yloedecal the Yew'fittingat the .Kings gate, Eilfi. . 13. All the piftures in the Kings gallery , did not pleafe and feed the eye of Haman fo much as the fight (411/or- . X z deco