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I S S Chap. i 1 . AnExpofitión upon the Book of JO B. Verf.zo. The third branch of the text wrings the very dregs of the wrath ofGod, into the cup of ungodly men. apes -eorusr.. Their hod fhsall be as thegiving up cf. theghofíz. 11 ?à 1713',g When hopedies all dies : hope is the 1aí} commodity which a man puts off in this life.; but what is their hope worthwhich is as dead. There is much vari:ty in interpreting this exprelbon. The Proprie hoe word properly taken lìgrLifies f9vooning, or failing of the fpirits. phraf'fguifca- The giving up of the gholl is the total and final failing of the túrdeiiguiurn fpirits. He can have but few fpirits left alive whole hope hath aninne... given up the ghofl. Mr. Broughton renders Their hope is nought Eft fees illo- but pangs of the foul : the Vulgar, their hope fhallbe theabomi- rurn abomina- nation oftheir foul: The fenle of which rranflation feems to be anineae. Vulg this ; That vv.'hicii Wicked men receive in liew of, or in anfwer to their great hopes, (hall be an abomination to them ; they hope furgood, but evil comech.- And every evil's then moll grievous, when it fì :c.eeeds the hope of g)od. Hope may be laid to'give up the g!aofl , when either the good we would obtain removes further from us or the evil we wotild declineconies doter co sis : Hope expires when wé are prelenred with vifions of fear and furrow after our hìghei$ expclatidns of joy and comfort : Vox NepheJ7 hence force tranllate the word (Nephefh) abreath or puf winde, hecloco pro la- to which,the hope of the wicked is elegantly compared , becaule feurtn veto it u ickí vaniiheth and ruduceth ñ effe or not the efrrea u nitaar. bold. i y P hoped for. That complaint in the Prophet,{utesthis notion fully, (Ifaz5. i 8.) We have been with childe (bigge with hopes) we have been in pain, [,endured much to enjoy our hopes and bring them to the birth, but in [lead of them) we have as it Werebrought forth winde , we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth. After long looking , and long labour all proved but a gripe of winde or a collick tit. Again,fay others,Their hopepallbe' 4s the (sung of thebreath, that ás,, they [hall be Co angry at their dflappointmenrs, that they Ices jperata ,111 all vi x &' fnuffat ir.Or thus,The thingswhich they !hall receive digux- fbe;t upon all their hopes placed in & credit given to the creature,fhall gr,æ exibilen- not be worth afnuffofbreaath; that is,they (hall be light and vain: tar exuf len- So fume expound that afal. t.t where the Prophet brings in -tar goons flatus P ( 3 ) sepello:long -that people toyling under the preffures of (that which fhonld cz e. pro iciot, have beer tar t' l ì ^h,rl;e nuhblee w,nrihip ; ye lavefaid, Behold svha