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Chap: 'r2. An bxpofitioñ tì$on the `$éok, of OE. - Verf. z. i 63 chofen ofClod his dell and precious ones , his Marius-and fami. vat uis liars, towhom heopens lei, bofome, andrevealts his feerets ; yeareJìmi in too pa- ael theChurch andpeople of God to Pollan the divine.Oracles are corn. al/O n witted. We are tin-Jai-out among the.prophane. nationit. Merc. Again, Te ure the people, that is, the chofen of thepeople, the re- prefentative of the whole nation ; as we may fayof the Houle of Commons in Parliament, Te are the people of England, that is, the people havechofen you, and confide in-you,' as the wilefl, the molt judicious and faithfull ofyour feveral countries, for the carrying on of the affairs of the Kingdom , and the maintaining of their proper rights. In this fenfe (though they are but a few hundreds, yet) they are the people of the Kingdom. fob eaxeth his friends as arrogating this, Ye are the people, ye are thrt4dt would feem cos etfithomïa to be a whole nation of men, ye (lure) have got away all the wit Nurn eeniveef- from theworld, ye would be accounted as man-kind , or as the j; cos gmode- flower of the univerfe, ye take it upon you as ifall the world dei? reprehen= were epitomized in you three, as if all wife,learned and knowing dit oferf. Ls- men had deliveredup andput over their judgements and under- me,e mrdico f- ffandings, their all, into your hands; yea as if wifdom had yeel- le`faf iron sal ,, ded her Pelf captive to you, and ye haddevoured all knowledge; forma, Sanét. Surely.,ye are the man. The Lord by the Prophet feremy (Chap 5. i. bids then run to and fro through the fireets of 'erufa- lem, tofee if they couldfindeaman : And the old Cynick went into a throng with a torch by day , to finde a man. Amanofwifdom teeniam zo= and integrity is Tise asan, other men compared to himare but beafls. phhar gebum Zophar at the twelfth verle of the former chpater , compares Yob vethaeedo,p41- to the wilde affes colt , and numbers him among the beaffs ; here loonagri,i, e. yob fits himwith an expreflion ; you carry your (elves (faith he) iupidifim. if you only were The men,and I, yea all .men befides,verybeafls brut i a di. er wilde affes colts, that knew neither what ye fay, nor whereofye at, vos e ho- affirm. mines, cateri ad Mies butte. 41/Ind wifdompall die with yen. Merc. Moral wifdom is the knowledge of natural things and of sauieutdi vt Their caufes. Divine wifdom is the true knowledge of God met FI heave- and of our (elves. We may fuppofe both wifdoms intended narnm,cauI .- here. As if he had Paid , yea pretend to fo much wifdom , that if run que gnihrre youfhould die all that's called wifdom mrefF Purely die with you, nem there will be none ('tis to be feared) left in the worldwhen you leave tia. Cice the world. When theSun goesdown , the light goes down , the deoff. Y a Sun