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Vest i66 Chap. 12. An Expofition upon the Book. of JO B. deride the priefts ofBaal , r King r8, 27. Cry aloud, for be is a god, either he is talking or he is purfuing, or he is it a journey, or peradventure he fleepeth andnnfi be awaked. When the Prophet ¢ licaiah (i Kingz2.17.) was called for to give his opinion about Ahabs expedition to Lunoth Cjilead he knew what they would have him vote (they e tpefted he Qtottld join with the reft , and faywhat they had laid) and thereforewhen Ahab asked , _hall we go up to 2<moth Gilead? yea, faith he , go up and profper. I know you have a minde to go up , I pray go , Ahab relented it as a fcorn, and therefore adds, How oft _hall Iadjure thee that thou tell me nothing but that which is true in the Name of the Lord? They who refolve upon their way , before they ask counfell , are oftencounfel'd according to their own way ; and are led toerror in (corn becaufe they had no love unto the truth. We finde the Apoftle Taul in the highel elevation of his _pint, expreffing himfelf in language extreamly parallel! with this of rob. It feems the Corinthians much like the Laodiceans, had boaftedof their fpirituall fullneffe, that theywere rich and encreafed with goods, and had need ofnothing. Yea, faith the llidet fpiritus) Apoftle ; I knowye are , l will be ofyour, opinion too for once, carnales, rider (1 Cor. 4:á.) Now ye-are full, now ye are rich, ( all things go Df endit odes bravely with you)ye have reigned as Kings without us that is, graviffmam you exalt your felves above us-here, as mo;ch as a King is above er.uiam at am- his own fubjefts , youare fupream. 1 and Apollos whole Mini- bitiofesills ad ftery God was pleafed to ufe in planting and watering the ruboremvet in Gof 1 among you are now looked upon as mean fellows, as vit.s ceat, g Y p l3ez. ce ar. men of low and poor parts, or at belt but as fotne good honeff Poftquarnferie) dull Preachers , not worthy tobe named the fame day withyour i7 abjque fzgu-new and high -flown teachers ( all this is but an holy (corn rie venom co- put upon them, as his correction in the next line imports ). I rum confide:- would to God ( faith he) that ye did reign (namely in deed and tìarn repreffr! in truth I [hall not envy you only I would be bold to put in for aus:c iro+rc+t Y Y Y P queque earn a part with you) I wouldto God ye did reign ,that we alto might deridet,Calvin. reign withyou, I would be glad to !hare in thofe gallant Gofpel notions you fo muchbrag of : but I fear your portion is but (mall in true fpirituall Gofpel knowledge, except in your own Thar antithef :s conceits , and ,there you abound fufficiently. Again in the 1 oth rota etZ irornca verf. though in another fille, yet fully to the fenfe and almofl &pimaoculeìs the words ofJob ; We arefools for Chrilis fake , but ye are wife in Chris! , we are weak, but p. are firong), ye are honourable but we