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178. Chap.' 2. Art Expopion upon the Boo(ofJOB. Verf.4. Theywho have intereft in God, know how to make this im- provement ofit : Ifthe world caft out the Saints, God will take them in : his (tile is, The helper ofthe friendlefs. And Davidsex- perience was, Whenmy Father and my Mother forftke me the Lord talth me up (Pfa1.27, t o.) that is, though my Father anal. Mother, who are neereft tome; fhould be fo unnatural as to re- Vbi dee/f auxia ftrain their bowels, and forfake me ; or though they Ihould be lium humm3um, reftrained from doingme thofe offices whichnature didtates,yet Ibi nrax:m? ad- the Lord takes me up, fc. in the everlafting arms of mercy: His ell auxil um di. love never changes nor can any thing flop themotions ofhis vnurn. Aquin. g g p in toc, love .His love is hotteft to us when the love of man waxeth cold. The departures of friends bring him neerer to us, and where creature -comforts end, the comforts ofGod begin. They are in afad condition, who being cafl- off by men, have nota God to call Upon, andgo unto. Only they who can have acceffe to God, need not fear the recefl'es ofmen. Secondly, Obferve, That the repulfes which wemeet with in the world,floould drive ass nearer to God. 1(faith ob) ammockedofmy neighbour , what courfe !hall I take fhal1I lye down and vex' 'hall I fret my feïfand pinea- way ? I know a better way than that I will call uponGod , I will trywhat's to be had in heaven,nowthat the earth bath no- thing for me; menhave not an ear for me,but fiìre enough God bath not only an ear to hear, but a heart to pity , and a hand to work deliverance. The holy Prophet refolves, It is goodfor me to draw nigh to god(Pfal.73.28,)And when he faith,'tisgood,his . meaning is,'tis heft. This politive is fuperlative. It is more thangood for us to draw nigh to God at all times , it is bett for us to do fo ; and iris at our utmoftperil not to do fo ; for lo, (faith the Pfalme, ver. 27.) They that arefarrefrom thee !hall perifh, thou¡halt deflroy them that go a whoring from thee. It is dangerous to be farre from God , but it is more dangerous to go farre from him. Every man is farre offbynature , and wicked men gb further off : The former !hall perifh , the latter !hall be deftroyed : He that fares heft in his withdrawings from God , fares bad enough ; Therefore it is befit for us to draw nigh unto God. He is the befit friend at all times, and the only friend at force times. And may we not fay , that God fuffers and orders evil times , and the withdrawings