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Chap.a 2. An Expojtion upon the RookofJOB. Verfe 4. 177 men that call upon God , andyou have the favour to be heardof God, God isfacile andfavourableuntoyou , but ye are hardand Ego r;; ui /inn f wre to me, you thewme nofavour ; how uncomelya thing is this, I >'cio n:eo, q:=i thatyou who wait to be heardof Godfhould not hear me ? or that In- you who `re heardof hod fhouldderide me ? This expofition as it tram i . may fland with the letter of the Text fo it may teach us this `lama: eum , audit qfd , leffon. um in omnibus They who have had experience ofCods tendernefs to help them facilem haber. andhear theirprayers,fhouldbe very tender to others when they call Merç. to them andfeektheirhelp. What ?, Should I be mocked ofa neighbour that ufeth to call upon God ? fuch carriage looks like theirs who call nOt upon God. You that have had anfwers from God in prayer, &know what it is to be anfwered, think what it is for you but to deny a friend, efpecially to mock a friendwhen he calls upon you in the day ofhis calamity. Will you take it well ifGod deny you,or, fend a mock in Read of an anfwer to yourprayer ? Tou that have any fait to God be not hard, much lefs inexorable, when deflrefJedfriends fueuntoyou. But the antecedent feems rather to be lob himfelf. I am as one dert'detttr mocked ofhis neivhboar,who, that is, which man thud mocked,doth ab amico,ficut yet call uçen God andhe anfwers him : theymock him, but God ego, in vocable doth not mock him. Or thus, Iam as one that is mockedofhis dam & exæu- neighbour, who thereupon takes an advantage to call uponGod, E'tr fpoiideu g; and go to God when he cannot be entertained, or is rejected by i, e, ur exaudi_ men, andhe hears him. The vulgar tranflation reacheth this auur ab eo , e. fenfevery clearly , Hewho is deridedof his neighbour as I am mollierur inrer- will call upon God, andGod will hear him, pretateofi & There is a difference in the latter claufe, ci he anfwereth him; ÁuehacpcunC we put it in the prefent tenfe, he anfwereth him ; others in the addeumctama- preterperfed tenfe, he bath anfweredhim; fome in the future , rem,me exaudi- he will anfwer him; he calleth upon God that he mayanfwer him re folebat; feel or to be anfwered by him So Abraham fpeaks (Gen. 23. 8.) d nurc eum. lìrtreatfor me to Ephren that he maygive me the cave of Mach- tdem faEfurum .pelah ; Thus here,he calls upon G'od,andhe anfwereth hi that is, nine q i tat¡o o he calleth upon God that he may anfwer him,he hopeth to fpeed fumvos rnel well in heaven with his petition, though he fpeed ill on earth, ficrl,rderss 1' Hence Obferve. Firít, mercy, It is thepriviledge ofthe Saints when menfail and rejeU them, to Wake, God their refuge, and their recourfe to heaven, A a They