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- ...,_. 4. Chap.t2. A Expofitfon upon theBook,ofJ0B. :Verf,.q.;, of Nero, that the Chriftians weredefpifed andmockt as a fedof Chril#ianï 43 filly fools, by the wife Citizens and graveSenators of Rome, be- Erhnicis decir caufe they feemed to rife a ftrangekinde of fuperftition,or a new junt qu vnidee- Religion , and would be wifer in their generation then the reft hantttr genus of world. Reproach is one ofSatans choice engines- to bat- hcmúum fuger- g finianit"none d7 mafefics Suit in vita Ncrou. ter Simwith, he bath fcarfe fuch another (haft in all his quiver towound Religion at the heart with. This Lyon in the way frights many from entring into , or appearing in the wayesof God, It caufeth others to apoilize and forfake the wayes of God , after they have entred into, and for a time'appeared in them. As Zedekiah durft not obey the word of the Lord , in rendring.himfelfto the Bïtbylonians, fo many are afraidto obey the wordof the Lord in rendring themfelves up to Sion , left fome finding them there fhould mock them, Jeu.38. i 9. Secondly Obferve, isholinefs in any degree i fbjefl unto fcorn,fo they who are mofo holy, meet with mollfcorn. The juft upright man,who wouldbe holy to the height,fhall have learn to the height. Ifa man ferve God (as Daviddaunted be- fore the Ark) with all bid might, a Michaels wit will mockand teem with a prophane jeft,though fhe be curfed with barrennefs all her lifeafter. That childe of the flefh made her flefh child lets unto the day ofher death , a Sam.6,.23. Ifa man do ( as Chrift expefts) fome fingtalar things, he may quickly be,laughed at for fìngularity. Paul in the high aetings ofhis faith was ac- counted mad, 2 Cor.5, t 3 It is poflible to move in the ordinary courfé and common roundof Religion,and tohave fair quarter, yea to have refpeft and be accounted wife in the world ; but he that will be a jufl.upright man that is he that flicks at fmall matters,& afts thegreatefl;He that will not go an hairs breadth from the minde ofChrift, and will do his whole minde; he that will walkprecifely, accurately,-and as we fay inprint , this man may loon have the honour tobe called a fool inprint, at belt he !hall be laughed at let him look for it; all holinefsmay come under contempt, but the more holy you are , themore fubjeft you areunto cOntempt never think to get credit in the world by your holinefs : It is enough that holinefs bath credit with God arid good men. The Apoftle affures us (Heb. I I.) That thofe worthies ofthe Jewifh Church (whofe names fparkle like bright ftarres in the Firmament of that Chapter) oltaíned a good