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Chap. [ 2. An Expo f tion upon the Boo(¿, ofJ0ß, Verf.q.. -1' 5 goodreport,through faith (verf. z .) But ofwhom,or with whom? did the world think the better of them,or well of them,becaufe of thofe high and heroical a&ingsof their faith ? No,the 30. Verfe tells us,they were both'fcourged, and i ockt by the world for all their faith. Thefe gallant mein ingrace,had.a good re- port with none but graciousmen, and theGod ofgrace. Ifwe will now live after their rate by faith, and walk in the uppermoff regions of Religion, we mutt expect a good report there only, where they found it. Thofe works of faithwhich are moll. above rea forsfeem to be without reaf on, and that which is molt pleating :unoGod,feems to have not fo much as any thing of a man in the eyes ofmany men : you venture not only liberty, ettate and life, but your very difcretion if youwalk in the cleaneft paths of wifdom. Few have holy wifdom enough to be accounted fools, or fericufnefs enough in the thingsof god to be laughedat, efpe- cially tobe laughed to Torn. No man knows where his worldly logeswill end, when ,once he bath gained Chrift. It is an.exp- rienced truth, which is lent us by a Noble Patriot yet living at man will but deceive himfelf who hopes to fave any thing by his Religionbut his foul. The juff.upright man is laughed tofcorn, and the more'jufF he is,, the more he is laughedat. Bb JOB