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6 Chap. I I . An Ex,poRion upon the Book of JO B. Verf.z not (peak , 'becaufe he affe&ted to fpeak, or becaufe he thought to carry it by fpeaking. Thus.; topray long , or to preach long is no fault. I ne greateti multitude of fuch words, is not one too nanny. Ni nquid, qui The Vulgar varieth front ourreading, Shall not he thatffleaketh anuita loyxitur much hear alfo? The original will bear it : As if he had fails Blon CY audio A Thou hall fpo'en a great while , wiltthou not have the patience to u hear thy friend? Wilt thou have all the talk,thy felf? Thou haft ut-; tered a multitude of words, be content to receive a few. Theywho have fpoken, fhouldbe willing to hear and receive ananfwer. Much (peaking is thenmolt offenlive, when we will not take our turns tohear. Some will haveall the difcourfe, all the argument them. (elves, and when theyhàve fpoken long, will hardly endure an other to reply a little. SeehowGod path difpofed the organs of the body : he hath given twoears , and but one tongue, which (peaks thus much, That a manfhould bemore ready to hear, then to fpeak ; and that's the Apoflle lames his rule, Chap.I. 19. Let every man befwift to hear, andflew to /peak,: not that he Both pofì', Livelycommend flowneffe of fpeech, that isnot his meaning ; hea- vineffe of fpeech is no verme , nor anymans commendation : but he (peaks comparatively Be fwife so hear, andflow to leak; that is, Be ye more nimble withyour ears, then withyour tongues; be rather willing to receive infiruaion , then forward to give ir, rather attend the mindeofothers, thenopen your own. There is a dime to keep filence, and atime to leak., Ecclef.3.7. Every thing is comely in its feafon. Obferve, From the whole reafon, That it is aduty to anfwer,when much bathbeen token: Efpecially, when we conceive any thing (pokes againft the truth. Solotnoits kerning contradiaion afferts this duty, Prov.z 6. 4;5. .Anfwernot a fool according to hirfolly, left thou alfo belike un- to him. Anfwer afool according to hisfolly, left he be wife in his own conceit. One rule faith, Aniler him not , and the other faith, Anfwer him. The meaning is plain to the point in hand ; fwernot a feel according to his folly left thou alfe be lieunto him, that is , if he (peak foolifhly and paflionately, Doe not thou an- fwer him pafíionately and foolifhly too, for thenthou ilia!: be as foolifh as he , thou fltalt be like orequal to. him ; as if thy fpi- rit and his Were raft in the fame mould. For theanfwer which 4 inangiveth another is the meáfure ofhimfelf, the imageofour minds is