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Chap. rr. e./fn Expojition upon the Bookof J OB; Verf. 2. ins drawn with the tongue. -But anfwer afool according to his folly, left hebe wife in his owncoñceit,thatis, If he have fpoken foolilhly, doe thou anfwer him wifely and dafcreetly; let thine anfwer be according to his folly, but in thine own wifdom. Thus to an- fwer a fool according to his folly is indeed toanfwer him lion- ttary to his foly. Thus he mutt beanfwered, orelfe he is not an fwered : and if he have no anfwer he will think that he is unan; fweable ; that, all which he hath uttered, he will grow into proud and high conceits of himfelf , that furely he is a con= 9uerour and invincible, becaufe no man takes up the bucklers, or appears in the field againft him. Therefore anfwerhim, Left be (whom all that know him , know to be a fool) be wife in his own conceit. Shouldnot the multitudeofwords beanfwered And fhould a Man full oftalkbe jujiified ? This later branch is of the fame firain with the former; and what I have obferved there anfwers both, yet Iluallopen the letter of the Text, andThew the elegancy of the original. Shouldavianfull of talk? The Hebrew is, `Aman of lips: Mr. Broughton tranllates-it; p 'Shall the lips-Man bejuftified? He fpeaks ofJob,as ifhe were com U i. poled and made all of lips , When a man ufeth one member inordi- 'on o nately, he may be faid to have bat one member ; Denomination atom t, given from that which is moil , or aets moil. Thus as he that is a Jëdaetiam fa. great fighter, is called`, Aman ofhis hands : fa he that is a greatcundu9a.ivierc,- talker , is called, cALman ofthe tongue, or a manof lips : as ifhe laid by the ufe ofall the other parts ofhis body to imploy his lips, or were attive only with his tongue. The Apofhe fpeaking of the variety of Church-members; under the notion of a natural body, fubjoyns (r Co .rz. r7.) I, f the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? Ifthe whole werehearing, where were the fanelling? 1n like manner if the whole were lip and tongue, where were the eye , where the ear ? As we maybe faid not to have that which we ufe not;. fo to have only that, which we ufe too much. Or fecondly , The lips being a fpecial infirument of fpeech and a help to pronunciation are here put for fpeech it,fel£, and fo weexplain it in our tranflation , Shoaldla man fall of talk? A man of lips , is a t,n full of talk, And there is a natural reafon __. for-