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igg Chap.i 2. An Expo;lion upon the Bookof JOB. Verf. g. belongeth vengeanceandrecompence, what then ? Their foot flick': Elide in due time ; thefe men fuppofed themfelves fetled upon a rock, that they were fo eftabliihed that nothing could remove them; but in due time they (hall Cnde that they flood upon ice, . or glafs, theirfoot (hall Elide, they (Ball fall from their heights and teeming holds in due time. So (Pfal. g4.. i S.) When llaid, nay foot flippeth, thy mercy, O Lord, held me up, that is, when I gave my felffora loft man in theworld, then the Lord fuppor- ted me. (Jer.i3,16.) Give glory to the Lordyour God, before he caufe darknefs, andbeforeyourfeet .1-íumbla upon the dark moun- tains. Dark, mountains, are mountains of forrow, and trouble, to Rumble upon the dark mountains, is tobe ruined among our troubles. To Rumble, flip, fall, run all into the fame fenfe. In. purfuance of which, the Rate of wicked men is called a flippery Rate, and theplace upon which they Rand, a flipper, place. Pfal. 73 18. Davidbeing much troubled at the prolperityof wicked men, and fo troubled that his Reps hadwell nigh flipt, Raied, or recovered himfelf, by remembring that his enemies did not- Rand fait. I went into the Sanctuary of God, and there I found that thoudidfl'let theria in flippery places: and when he found that their elate was flippery, that they fhould fhortly fall, then he kept his ground and Rood upright: Who can envy orbe grie- ved to fee a man in an eRate great andprofperous, wherein yet there is no continuance, or from which he mull fhortly fall, and in the fall bruife andhurt himfelfmore,than he did comfort . himfelf in his Banding ? all the things of this life, efpecially to wickedmen, are fet in flippery places. The world it felf is flip- pery, and fo is all that's in it. The world may be compared to that fea of glafs (Rev.4.6.) It is a fea for the uncertainno- tions, and tempePuoufnefs of it, and it is like a fea of glafs for the flipperinefs of it. Glafs youknow yields no good footing, neither doch-the world to any that would Ray themfelves upon it. And as the fliding of our feet fpeaks the change, fo the firmnefs of our feet,the efablifhment of our eftate,Pfal.izi 3, 11ewill not fuller thy foot to be moved; a man cannot go t=.> th . outmoving of his feet ; and a man cannot gland whofe feet are moved. The foot by a Synechdoche is put for the whole body, and the bódy for the whole outward eRate : `4o that, He wilt not fifer thy foot to be moved, is, he will not fuller thee,or thine to be moved or violently caR down. The power ofthine oppo_' fers