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g Chap. s a. An Expofition upon the Book, e J OB. Verf. 2: 'Si labium val- for it too. As Pbyficgnontifls _gather conjenures from the frame di deduEtutx of the whole body , fro t the lines and lineaments of the face a- fù,atque ctiam bout the habits and difpofftions of the minde. So they draw ar.:; tatis argue t loq a e- - g umen lips, tsfrom the whether a mar: bequick or flow of fpeech. rï loquentia fig- Some mens lips have a flamp of talkativenefl'e upon them , and o- num ejt, fcus thus of fiíence.Thus wé may underfland that of Mofes,Exo.6.i z. etiam eraPnorá WhenGod was about to fendhim to mharaoh, about the deliver- labia loquendi ante of Ifnut saut of Egypt, he made many excufes, and at Taft fats inepciam upon this Howfhall Pharaoh hear Inc that amofuncircumcifed lips? incicultatem P ixd:cant. But was Mofcs ofuncircumcfed lips? as to be ofanuncircumcifed heart , fo to beofuncircumcifed lips may intimate fpiritual pollu- tionand uncleannes. When the Prophet Ifaiah cried out at the vi fon of the glory ofGod,Woe is me, Iam a man ofunclean lips, Ifa 16.5. it is as if he had Paid, I am a man ofuncircurucifed lips. But though Mofes was humble enough in the acknowledgement of his own finfulnefl'e, yet his aim was to note the unfiledneffeof his fpeech, not the defiledneffe of his nature. For as among the Jews, uncircumcifion was a fign'of all the natural uncleannefles of the foul, fo of force imperfections upon, or belonging to the bo-, dy. Thus Mofes called himfeifa man of uncircumcifed lips, be.;, taufe hewas not eloquent , butflow of [perch , andflow oftongue, Exod.4. s o. He was (according to the letter of the Hebrew) heavy-mouthed or as we fay, meal- mouthed ; and this according to that idiom was tobe of uncircumcifed lips , as if e$1ofes had erafsiora hales pleaded thus , Ihave not a polite andcurious language winupon labia, gaam tit Pharaoh, My tonguehas notbeen paredand fmoothed for the Court- coram dialtEt, I that havekept peep fo long, kidhave converfedwith clowns p do è q ¡ and fheepherds, How jhall I fpeak to a King? Pharaoh ufeth to have potrim: circum- accurate Orators about him, men of lips , but I am none. Sb then, ufone,i. e. ex- according to this fecond fenfe, a man of lips is an eloquent man, a tenuatione fY man ready, very ready and apt to fpeak ; a town whofe tongue is axpoliatienelk- the pen, that is, like the pen ofa ready writer. biorum indi- p saet. Pissed. Further, When 2ophar salt Tob a man of lips, he implieth, That fob had carried himfelfin that difputation as if every member of his body had been a lip , or as if he had a lip in every member, that is, as if every member had fpoken. According to that of So- lomon (Prov.6. s 3.) He tbeaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers ; his carriage, his pofl;ure, his action, fpeak and proclaim what is in his heart , or what his minde is , He sfiealketh with his feet. When violent and pa(lionate perfons are speaking, you Pfaff