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Chap. I I. arinExportion «ponthe Too& J O B. Vere 3. I r had faid,Thou thinkefl that thou haft mighty parts, that,thouputtefi forthfinch Leviathan-like, members filch Goliah-like limbs of wit andknowledge, ofjudgement andeloquence , that all thehaft of lear- nedmen needs muff be afraid and tremble to deal with thee , or ac- cept thychallenge. The weapons of the minde are more powerfulI, and fometimes more terrible then the members of the body. And ignorant or flow-witted man , is no more able to argue with one that is quick and judicious , then a childe is able to wreftle with a Giant. But the word is mod ufually taken in the fenfe we render it,for lies or falfhoods ; So (Ifa.g.q. 25.) Hefruftrateth the tokens of the - liars, namely, of thole that tell lies of the (tars, and fay The conftellations have reported events to them, of which indeed there is not a letter written , nor a word to be fpelled out of thole heavenly chary ters. Should thy lies make men hold their peace ? /Sake men. The word may be limited to great and wife men Should thy L't7D lies make wife men hold their peace? So force refirain it here; As if Aliquando de- Zophar had laid Indeed thy lies maycaufe ignorant men to hold notar virus no- their peace they May deceive thePimple, and catch the weak; but fgne,. Cocon (hoteld thy lies mall men ofparts andabilities ,menofexperience and underflanding hold their peace? Thus the word is uied'Deut.2.34 fal.i7.14.. lfa.3.24. to note illuftrious and wife men, men of more then an ordinary pitch and eneafure in dignity, or in wifdome. Others take the word indifferently for any rank or fort ofinen, tvrIn one or other : or as we commonly [peak , for any mortal( man. Ef generate For it cometh from a root which 1ignifes death, which is the lad comprehendens debt of all mankinde as the Greeks have a word for man in ge- viro, , mulieres neral noting his mortality , fo have the Hebrews : becaule allparvuloshæc men carry about them the enfigns or fymptomes ofdeath conti- VOX (d r19i nually therefore they are called Mortals. So here , Should thy ravideruro z+ d liesmakeany mortal(man , or any man aliveboldhispeace ? Be he omnes frogs high or low,knowing or ignorant, I tell thee the molt Pmple man o +ti f i iaîfi, that goes upon the ground çannot hold his peace when thou fpeak era á Gratis eft, and may well enough anfiver all that thou haft fpoken. Thus 41ó72'3 tS'd you fee the fenfe is heightned by the lowneffe of the perfons,who ¡arms mortalis are fuppofed Match enough for lob in this controvertie, What, ufarpatnrw,, 2 thou far.