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14 Ghap.'I ./i/ri Expofition upon the Book, of JO B. Verf.3o 3. There is a praéticall lie , of which the Apoftle (peaks (r7oh. 2,4,5.) He thatfaith, I knowhim , andkeepeth not his Command- ments is a liar,and the truth is not in him. That is a lie, not fpoken but done, when a mans actions contradi& his profeflìon, or when his works urrteach what he hath taught by word. Thewhole life of an hypocrite is but one continued lie. The firft of thefe is a lie told, the fecond is a lie taught , the third is a lie acted, and all of themare not only to be abhorred in our (elves , but oppofed in others. All lying is hateful! to God , being moft oppofite unto God , who is the true God , and the Godottruth. Lying makes us like the devil , who was a liar aswell as a murtherer from the beginning ; the devil told the firft falfe tale , and preached the firft falle Do&rine ; He is therefore juftly called , A liarfrom the beginning. We may fometimes forbear to fpeak the truth, but we mutt never forbear to fpeak againft a lie, whether verbal, 41'7 doarinal or practical. Should thy dies matte men hold their peace ? irrt se, ub fzn- a , ib:ti- eflnd when thou enockefffhatl noman mare thee afbamed ? vit,narn f quos cum fauna ex- This is the third charge, and it is higher then the former two cipere volt axaes Multitude ofwords is ill enough ; and lies are farre work, but btæf:iatent ef- to mock is worll ofall. And which is yet more, Theword which f ngere folenr:,t is here ufed fi nifieth .te wor hft kinde of mocking even that ad eat ridendos, g g' Mere. which is joyned with fcorn andextream derifìon : It notes Sanna of Jeri-ingnot only with the tongue by uncomely fpeeches, but mockirrg f o qux non ft by the eye or hand with uncivil geftures,or by theaffeEted mimi- f:naplicebusver -cal oftures of the whole body The enemies of Chrift are fo fedgete defcribed,in that noble prophecy, h c ( :l 22.6. Iam a wormand Pifc. in p p f ) Car. c. i 4. 2I, no man, a reproachofmen, anddcípifedofthepeople, all they that fee uid poteft effe me laugh me to (corn they 'hoot out the top , they (hake the head ; Cornrid:eulu,n, The event fulfilled this at the death of Chrift, cAlat. 27. Such. quam ff:nnio mocking Zophar chargeth Job with ; Thou doll not only fpeak oft, qut or` lies but thou ferteft them off with fcornfull geftures. vulsu fmitan- die rnaribus,de- Again , This word fàgnifieth not only a light jeaft , or a merri- nique corpora ment , but that which hath virulency , and wears a fling ; not ridesur,? C!c only that which .hath ridiculoufneffe in it , but that which path z. de Orae. cruelty in it, That's the Apostles Epithete (Heb.II.36.) They hadtrial ofcruel nwc ngs. Thus he reproves 3o(ß, as ifwhile he lays in the dull and was groveling on the ground , he had like a mad man egfffire-brands, arrows