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Chap. i I. !fir Expofition upon the Book of JOB. Verf. 3. arrows and death, or had behaved himfelf more like a fool in a play then a rnirrour of patience , Deceivinghis neighbour and Paying, ofin not Linfiort ? Prov. 26 t: 8,19. There is much labour among interpreters , to finde out what gave Zophar creation to break out in fo much bitterneßè upon. yob. I (hall touch that in the clofe, When thou mockeß Shall no man make thee afhamed? Some render, Shalt'confute thee ? We may "put both to gether. Shall no titan byconfuting thee put thee ro fhame? When a confident man is thorowly anfwered, he is afharned. The word which we tranilate , eifake a(harned, lignifies the greatell f]iame,.as that before did the greate4 mocking. H,ghell fhame is but a fit reward for bigheft (corn. Some Criticks in that L language have obfervcl that the word is never taken , but in an t=2 ill knfe, for the moil Ihamefull fhame, when a perfon is fo afha- med that he is confounded, and dares not'hft up his head; or loòk don g,, tss another in the face. The Lord faith to Majes in the cafe of Nli figs cxtgt<am: riann, Ifherfather hadbut fpit in her face,fhou1dj.hc not be afhamed rv,z quad efi..' feven days ? Numb. 12, 14. The face is the table ofbeauty and in bonn nith honour, but when it is fpit upon, it is made a fink of fhame. God quando toc did more then fpit in the face of his undatifull daughter Miriam;fenaperit' ' -- lrtm, when he filled her facewith the filthy fpots of leprol>e : Irian' , D. Ri,nchd mull be greatly afhamed , when that out of the Camp and fociety Bustorf. of dfrael feven..dayes. When David, over pailionately lamenting Signilcat the death of Abfa.lom blemilbed the vietory of that day , and qui confcietend foiled the beauty of that great deliverance the Texth faith tarp:eudtntshrá.. z Sam. 19. 3. that the fouldiery went home, as menafhamed: mein trsLro Sauldiers after a battei wonne are wont to come home gallantly, igati mil tes, and in a triumph, but thefe viftors gat them by ftealth that day quifine Ova into the City, as people being afhamedmeal away, when they tiare, taciti f? flee in batte'i; they went fneaking,.as we fay, home to their dwel- clanculo re Digs fcarce aman durst ;ill uphis head. Such a fenfe is here in- deuntDotnum 9. tended Shouldft not thou be made to hold down thy head and í.om. cover thy face for fhame , who haft opened thy mouth in (corn, and in.difcovering thy own fhame ? Note from it, Pith , Scornfitll geflares and anack ngs are the height offn wings. Zophar puts this in the third place, as the higheft flee in, the gradation . ,