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16 . .44n expofation upon the Book if JOB. Verf.3. gradation of Jobs fin. There is a walking in the counfelofthe un- godly, ,amd a f anding in the way offanners ,before wefit down in the chair of the(corners (Pfal.i.e.) The Vulgar reads it, In the chair ofthe malignants. When men, once arrive át fcorningand mock- ing, they are come to the uppermoft formoffinners. The chair of mocking is the chair ofmalignity. That which is faid'of a woman in a peculiar fenfe , is true ofany man in this fenfe, When hebath loft his modeffy he hath nothingelfe to lofe. TheApoftle Peter be- ing about tó Phew the utmoft evil of the worlds old-age or dotage in fin,faith,Therefhall come in the laßdayesfcofèrs zPet.3.3.There have ever been deceivers , but at lati there (hall come fcoffers, fay ing,Where isjt(epromifeofhis coming? For fince theFathersfell afleep all things continue as they were from the beginningof the. creation. 7ulian was in his time counted,and.flands upon record to this day among the greateft of tanners; AnapoftatefromChrift;and did not the apoftafe of his heart break out chiefly at his lips? Did not the very fpirit ofhis malignity againft the Gofpel of Chrift, appear in mocking theChriflians ?When he had taken away their elates, he faíd, It fhould not trouble you to bepoor, your Ma- tter was poor, and he Paid, Bleffedare the poor. And when he had caufed them to be fmitten , Your Malter (faith he) hath R.editus ercle- taught you , That whofoever pall r you on the right cheek, you fits eripuit Sar- mu f{ turn tohim the otherafo. Thus he turned the holy counfels ca(mis additie, of Chrift into prophane jets. The vileft wickedneffe of the Chrifti expedit revs ft- Jewilr (late is expreft thus , They mocked the meffngers of God, are a i regneem andmifufed his Prophets (2Chron.3 6. i 6.) It is a great lin not ro :worm?: , quia hear the mefiiengers ofGod, not to obeythe truth that is brought Gatitaus magi_ in his name; but tomock his meffengers is the dregs oflin. When fifer ipforum upon the afcent ofChrift into heaven, manyhad received filch an it, upere os abundant inundation of the Spirit That they fake with divers eflé pauperes, Pezel. in tongues the wonderfull works ofGod Some (faith the Text) Sleid. were in doubt , rayingone to. another , what meaneth this? Others mocking,faid, Thefe men arefull ofnewwine, (A. z. i 3.) Others mocking, &c. Mockers muff Rand by themfelves, They are mar- ked for wrath ; Wemay warn all filch, as the Prophet Both, Ifa. z8. 2t. Now therefore be ye not mockers leftyour bands be made ftrong. If God make the bands of afliiCtion and wrath Arong up- on any, it will be upon mockers. They break the iirongcfl bands of duty , therefore their bands of mifery (hall be ftronger then they care break. Secondly,