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Chap.. H. eArn Expofition upon_ the Book of J O B. Verf. 3 clear in theopening of thofe words. But before I come fo farre, take two or threeObfervations , upon thePreface in general] it contains this three-fold accufation already opened. . Fin , That is no new thing for him that /peaks truth to be counteda lier nor for him_ that f j?esbç ferioufly to be counted a mocker. it was fo with lob, There were force flips of pafbón in fob, but no errour in his opinion ,and yet he is called a lier : poor fob who lay upon the dung -hill full of fores , and bodily diflempers, full of furrow and inward temptations had little leifure to mock and jear ; his very wounds might fpeak his deniall of filch behavi- our vet he is judged a. mocker. The Apoilles were fometimes counted mad men befides themfelves, .and out of their wits ;. fometimes cunning and crafty men ,_ who went about to out- wit others. Paid is put to his plea in that common:cafe (ZCor.6.1..) as deceivers,yet true;we are looks upon as a-company; ofillountebanks, as ifour defign were to cheat the people at once of their purfes, . andof their fouls. We are efteemed deceivers, as if we were hired to cry up an Impoftour,rather thena SaViour,and to fill theworld with fables,rather. then folid truths ; but truth ofunderftanding is the commodity, w.e deal in and we deal in it with truth ofheart. Again (z Cor 2.17. We are.not as. many, which corrupt the word of God; Even they who received the Word by immediate revela- ton were fufpeet.ed of corrupting the Word, of mixing and mingling it with their own inventions, to ferve turns, or to make it comply with their own interefts. But (faith he) we are no corrupters, we make not our own markets of the Word we do not put it off for. worldly advantages or gain, we only make this advantage and merchandife of it , the gaining of your foules. Secondly , Obferve, c."1"goodman may caaflefly charge theft that are innocent. As we tnuft not all judge a man to be wicked who is falily charged , fo we Iliould,be very cautious howwe judge a man wi.c Friend femper led, w.ho chargeth apother falfly. This age is a charging age, The irarum nia tongue and pen have made as hot charges as the fword. Lier, bent enaleriit'a. Heretike, Schifmatike, Deceiver, Hypocrite , are the common 1A1. weapons of our piper warre. It is a duty to give a meek inter- pretation ofrigid cenfures , muchmore to be fparing inour judg merits upon rigid cenfarer.e. A good man may, paffe an dl Centence upon