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Chap.'I I. e/In Expoftien upon the `Boek, of fC) B. Verf. 16. 134 ritable reports of what he fpake. And therefore he was forced (Chap.23. 3.) to appeal untoGod with whom he knew himfelf thould finde candid dealing and his words receive a genuine in- terpretation. O that Iknew where1might;finde him that Imight -come eventopiisfeat , I wouldorder mycarafe - before him, andfill ray mouth with arguments ; As if he had Paid , I have been often wronged by nay friends in milconceiving what I have argued, but were 1 to argue and-plead it with God hintfelf, I knowhe would deal fairly with me , and put a right fenfe upon every word , he would makethe heft ofwhat is not fo well fpoken , and nothing but goodof what is well fpoken. He would receive what is right, and rectifie what is amiffe. Let ris now examine what Zophar judg- ed Job to have fpoken amiffe. Thou hall faid, Mydoarine is pure , and Iam clean inthyfight. His fuppofed errour was, that he thought his doctrine true, and this was his blot., That he thought himfelf clean. This thou haft faid, My dottrine is ,pure. That is , I amorthodox or found in judgement, bothin myge- nerall tenets, and in what I have particularly maintained in the prefent difputation concerning the providence of -God in aft- t ding godly men , and in difpenling outward comforts to the wicked. Thouwit [aid thy dottrine, delivered upon both or either of thefe fubjetts , is pure. Theoriginali word which we renderDoctrine , is derived from rph a root which fignifies to take, or to receive. And that upon a three- ,tccipere, datiri foldground, ea dicitur ab a . Becaufe fuck doctrines are delivered upon the taking of accipiendo ,i. e. mature deliberation, or gained by taking much pains for dticenda Warn them. di fcere e acct pere. Druf. 2. Becaufe fuck doctrines are in their own right to be received. Sound dottrine is worthy to be received , it is worthyof all reve- rence and ready acceptation. 3. Becaufe there is a power in fuck doctrines , to take or catch thole unto whom they are fpoken.Tratth isfull,not onlyofflrength, but offuhtilty. Hence force conceive that the allulon is to hunters Jfetaphora and fowlers, who lay baits , and fet traps to catch birds, or otherfumpta a veusy game, So (in a good fenfe) a man of wifdom and under- tone, zafe. -E f}anding, s