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. zC Chap. i t . An E'xpofition upon the Book, of J Verf. q landing, publifhing_found do rine,.laiesa bait , with holy craft to enfnare and catch his auditours (Troy. r r. 3o,) FIe that win_ neth. fouls is wife ;, it is-this word, they who are godly and judici- ous catch fouls,as, a fowler ca-tcheth birds by laying out found, wife andfaithful' arguments , they take and fnap rnen , they hold their fpirits fail , till they overcome and win. them, even as the. fnare ofthe fowler takes the bird; Such are wife men indeed. The whorifhwoman (Prov.7. 13, ai.) is laid, to catch or gain the flmple young man (the word is the fame in the originall) byher fair fbeeeh , her - taking language, Awhores do lrine is very taking, her lips drapenfnaring eloquence. As there is a power in fïnfufl counfell to take and eniìiare ; fo much more in holy and whol_ force coùnfell. The Apoflle was a.Crafts-mailer in this foul- trade (z Cor. t z. t 6.) Being crafty ( faithhe) I caught you withguile ; I plaid the cunning mate with you, I laid a fnare, and fer a trap, but all for-your good. Further , Theword lignifies pleafure andifweetnes, noting thus' much , That purity of doarine is pleafant , and gives much de- light. As meats are to the tafle fo are truths to the underfland. ing : nothing brings ingreater contentment to any faculty then a clear apprehention of the proper objea. Sutablenefle is the ground of pleafure. And the pleafures of-the intelietluall part, . are as much above,thofe of the fenfitive, as the underflanding it félf is above the fettles.. A Philofopber- having found out a true and rational] conclulon in geometry, ran about the City, where he lived as if he had been diflraEted with joy, faying, I have foundit I havefoundit. When God gives, and we by Paulyand prayer finde out the tr.eafure ofdivine truth, it is as the beginning of heaven (e_7Uat. t 3.44.) The Kingdomeofheaven is like unto a treafure hid in afield, the which when aman bathfound , he hiderh, andforjoy thereof goet h felleth all that he bath, andbuyeth that field. The flatutes of the Lord are right rejoycing the heart; Pfal. 19.8. To receive pure do &tine is as much a pleafure as it is an.honour ;,. as much the delight, as the ornament of the minde. át " 771 e-Oly doflrine is purer Mandus parus claras fuit,eff lacere t ao Pure,J The word liignifes pellucid or clear that which a ad diem vitri &j manmay look therow as glafe,or to the bottom ofit,as a cryflall chry iau1, . fountain. Pore doctrine is like glafié or.acryflall cream ,.upon which