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Chap. 11. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf. 4. which you maynot only look, but look thorow it , and to the bottome of it , and Linde all clear.. Such a purity is here meant, Mydoftrine is pure. Purity ofdoctrine imports two things. r..The precioufnefhe ofdoctrine, for thatwhich is pure is pr& clous, and every thing the more pure it is, the more precious it is in its kinde., 2. The unmixedneffe , the uncompoundedneffe of doctrine; oppofed to mixture ; Pure is as muchas fimple or un- compounded ; we reade of the fünplicity ofthe Cq`of5el (zCorr r. verf. 3,) which is nothing elfe but the purity ofthe Gape!. The contrary whereof is corrupting or adulterating the word of God, by the addition of humane inventions, and our own fancies. e.,Wy deft rive is pure.] Pure inboth thefe fenfes, 'It is precious and worth much : it is unmixed, nothing but it felf. -I have not feigned and coyt ed it out ofmine own brain. I have not emba- fed it with an Allay of inferiour metall ; it is the fincere 'fimple Word ofGod. Whence note; True deftrine is puredot-brine. Truedoctrine is pure two wales. It is pure fubjeEt ivel , and it is pure effectively. h is pure in it felf, and purifies us , 7oh.17. v.17. Sanffifie them thorow thy truth , thy word is truth. Pure do- frine will purifie. Fa f principles breed falfe praftices ; 'crooked rulesmake crooked lives ; That which is polluted is as apt to pol- lute as that which is pure to purifie. The nature of things is lampt upon their effeets. Truth is compared to the molt excel-. lent metals , and it excels them. ?he Apofile fpeakingof all forts ofdoClrines built upon Chrifiz the foundation, calls fomegold, fil- ver , preciousfnnes : others , wood, hay ffubbie ( r Cor. 3. i z. ) The difference of doctrine is let forthunder thefe Metaphors : Pure doìrine is gold, frlver, precious Hones ; Falle doctrine is wood, hay , thefe are combuffible matter, they will burn, they will not bear the triall ; whereas the Word ofGod , and fo the truths that are bottomed upon that, are (Pfal.12.6.) Pure, How pure ? ellsfilver tried in afornace ofearth , purified fevers times ; that is , it is altogether pure , havingnot the leaft drofe in ir, My doctrine is pure. - E s r .Aid 27