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Chap.,. efln Expofîtion upon the Boob, of J O B. Verf. s. 3 3 the--fixth , a with that God himfelf would undertake lob, and die. . pute with him. Verfe 5. But. O that God wouldfpeak and open his lips agitino thee l . As ifZophar had laid, While Iam about tofpeak, Ialmofl think it will be but loft labourfor me to fpeak ; yea, Ithinkthon art beyond thefpeaking ofany man : thou artfo obdurate andhardenedin thy way, fo wife in thine ownconceit, fòoijf to thine own principles, fo unyeeld?ng to thofe better couirreis', which have already been given thee, by thygrave, learned andgodlyfriends, that Iam much (and I conceive, any manwouldbe) difcouraged to argue and debate thé matterfurther with thee. And therefore I would willingly quit my hands of this task, and leave thee to God, I wouldgladly be eafèd of this burden , and turn theeover (asa man pall cure by man) to - the handofheaven. O that codwouldfpeak,, andopen his lips egainfl thee Or fecondly , This Preface may have relation to thofe fecret hints, yea fometimes explicite wifhes of 7.ob (declining the fen - tence and cenfure of his friends) that God and he might fpeak together. He only defired the Lord to abate the dreadful] fplen- dour ofhis Majefy or not to clothe himfelf with dazling light, and amazing glory in that congreffe ; And , `Then (faith he) let him fpeak,, ,and 1 wouldaufver, Chap. 9. i S. Again Chap. r 0.2. Iwillfay unto god Doenot condemnme fhew rite wherefore thou contendeft with me ? In both which paffages Pb feems to peti- tion and preffe theLord for a perfonall treaty; in anfwer to which requel} , poflîbly Zophar might thus begin , è/`L1yfriend job, Itfallethnow to my lot tofpeakunto thee , but Ifhould (with ail my heart) rejoyce, if Godwouldgrant the veifh'which thou haft fooftenprefentedto him, even vouchfafe tofpeak, un;o theehimfelf. We haveoftenheard thee appealingfrom earth to heaven, callingCod to, thatfinch and fuch is thine integrity. O that God would anfwer thee, andgive thee a meeting! O that be would condefcendfo after farre as to conferre immediatel with thee l How lad mold we be rem .y g fiaere intelli- cfthis? andwe beleeve thou wouldfl be as fcrry;it will be little to thy gere quam pu éafe, ifGodonce take thee to task thou f salt quickly finde it other- tas, non ita wife with thee then thou dreameft or prefumefl he would icon cool i'fflus appa"- thefe heats,and afrivage thefwellings ofthyfpirit by dtfcovering him - perf'n xdes tibi fe/finholine and thy fif infanfulneffe. Thycreft willfull, andthyMere. courage