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,: 34 Chap. t r. An Expofïtion upon the Took of J O B. Verf. courage come down as foon as ever he enters the lift with thee and Both but /hew thee who be is , and what thou art. Either of thefe wayes the connexion lies fair, Othat God wouldfpeakandopen his lips againfl thee 1 die Deum The Hebrew is Who wouldgive, or, O that forre body would rqui, get God to fpeak? The phrafe is optative including an ardent de- lire of obtaining , and therefore we tranflate not , Who would give? but O that god! As implying the great and inflant im- portunity of Zophar w fpeed his lute, That god would fpeakand open his lips againFl him. Logr+irrir Deus Some too critically and over- curioufly diflinguifh between the per femetipfun,,fpea ing of God, and the opening ofhis lips. As it the one, namely aperit vero tafpeaking did import an immediatevoice , when God reveals him- bia cumve! ho- Pelf without the intervention of any iníirument or fecond caufe : oninum zel a- but the opening of his lips, a mediate voice when God fpeaks liar rerum (though in an extraordinary manner, yet) bY man or angel or opera anquant anfIrumeto any other creature, whole fervice he is pleafed to defign for fucha letitur adali- manifeílation of himfelf. g. od can give a lip to livelef creatures, quid manife- andmake any thing his tongue.He that made mans mouth to (peak, t4andum. can make that fpeak which hath no mouth ; And fo, may be Paid quip, to open his lips in. wlaatfoever he ufeth to demonfirate or difca- ver his minde to us by. But I paffe this as a nicity , efpecially be- caufe Zophar imploring God to deal withYob irtnmediatly and not by the fervice of any creature, yet cats it, The opening of his lips. Speaking andopening the lips , are the fame thingunder differ= ent exprefions, or the later is but an expofition of the former. Opening of the lips is fpeaking,we (peak by opening the lips;only here is an h, fferofis a figure frequent in Scripture, when that which is Era in nature, is put lafi inorder, for opening of the lips precedes (peaking; here the method is inverted, O that cod would(peak, and that hewould openhis lips againfi thee !c O that God would fpeak.! Ken ad quon- The wordcarries more then common talking, it is here reflrai; Tibetferrnonem, ned to (perch in judgement , or to an exaEt difcuflìon of the mile fed ad rum qui preceding judgement. Such fì the meaning of that heavenly fum- in judicio habe- mons (P fal. 5o. y. Hear, Omy people , andI willfpeak (I wilt seer velad dip the matter , and plead with thee) O Ifrael , lwill teflifie eeptationeen fpellat. Bold. againfi thee. Zophar prayes for a day of trial', for a little day