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Chap. I I. An Expedition upon the Book, of J O B. Verf. 5 . It is an allghonunto men. Man is not able to under(}and the way ofa fpirit , but by what is common to man. A fpirit bath no lisps to open, nor any inliruments of fpeech. And to (peak aridly. A fpirit doth not fpeak at all. God is Paid to fpeak. Fiat, When by his mighty power he forms and frames a voice, Forrarttds which is audible and perceptible by the ear, as unto Samuel, The Deo fpnfbites Lordcalled Samuel, Samuel, and at laí1Samuel anfwers , Speak;, & externets ate arci vt- vo- Lord for thy fervant heareth. ces 3 Secondly, God fpake to . Mofes, Face to face, that is , familiar- üeraa:. i3afil. i,a 1 and clearly. This was the hi heft degree of revelation and'Iia, c> y $ g óatd 1;,,, au- drew neareP to that which the Saints (hall have inglory. f :`ní admiuere, Thirdly, He fpake allo by many figns, efpecially by Vrim Bold. andby Thúmmim. Fourthly God fpake when he intimated or hinted his minde to the fpirit of man,, by the inflina ofhis own Spirit. Mott of the Prophets heard only an inward word, which is called, The coming of the word of the Lord unto them. As Godonly fpeaks to the heart, while theword foundeth in the ear ; So he often (peaks to the heart when the ear hears no found. 1 will hear what Clod the Lord willfpeak for he willfpeakpeace unto his people , and to his Saints. Pf. 85. 8. God fpeaks peace when he fends or gives peace, that is,, all good things. God fpeaks peace alfo,when he (as it were) by a ferret Eccho , returns a word of affurance to the peti- tionersheart, that he will give peace. When Zophar wi(hes , that Godwould fpeak he means it of (peaking by audible voice , er face to face, not by (ìgns or fecret intimations. Zophar being thus inf}ant, That Cj.od wouldfpeak., andopen his= lips againfi lob teachethus, Firi , Some men are beyond the convittion ofman. O that God wouldfpeal, We fay ofa lick man, whofe.difeafe is defperate, as in theplague, &c. The Lord lookuponyou, the 'Phy- fitians havegivenyouover,,they can doe no more, we leaveyou to the prayers ofthefaithfull, and to the compafons ofgod. Some in fpi- rituall diítempers are foextreamlp difeafed, that the foul Phyfiti- an can do nothing upon them, they are pat} all his medicines and 'preparations , thefe we give up to the cureofGod ,. who raifeth the dead and calleth thofe things which are not, as if Theywere: I grant, that whatfoever healing or cure is wrought upon the foul ofman by men , is from the Lord. Man and ntan (land upon even ground Humane reafon and humane reafon are equal] ; and he F 3 that 37