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111 36 C;liap: I i, An Expéfition upon the b'áok,of J O B. VerG5.;. evil. And as a good man (peaks evil , fo an evil man fpeaks good unhandfotnely, becaufe it is not in, nor with his heart. Sincerius erit Further To Open the lips is no more in ordinary acceptation, f in J np1ici then to fpeak plainly ; and then it ftands in oppolttion to thofe fzndi nottope eloquent orations , which (as Zophar fuppofed) lob had ftudied jurrbuzsr hoc to defend and fecurehimfelf a ainfi God as if he had. Paid I verburn, 2uri g , f gobi dulcilo- God would but open his lips , andfperadl, unto thee one plain word grzio f triplex might be enough tooverthrow allthe difcourfes andlet fPeech Dei tofjuela op- es; enough to an fwed, and cut thefinews ofallthe fine (pun orations, ponatur,ast ha and ning fophiftry which thou haft ufed in this caufe,, Let Çod a- d facillimè rife (faitia Mofes) and his enemiesjihad be Battered. Let God open confundi dicat. his lips, faith Zophar, and thy mouth (hall beflopt. Thirdly, The words may carry a redargutionof lob , as a man whom God did fo farreneglect, that he would not afford him a word ; As ifhis friend Zophar had thus reproved him , Thou haft been calling upon God to Speak,, andPhew thee whyhe contended) with thee, yet thou haft not prevailed in thyfate, hevouchfafeth thee His verbis ha- never a word, but leaves thee !.till to us. This (tome conceive) bitapeafona hath a reproof in it, con( Bering the times wherein 7öb lived ; for temporis ratio- then it was no very firange thing (though it was anhigh favour) pu nt.wcvyob. for God himfelf to fpeak to the Saints his fpecial favourites. God' Bold, at fundry times,and in divers manners,(poak,in timepaft unto,theFa thers by the Prophets Heb.i . 1, And as he fpake by the Prophets, fo he fpake by himfelf; God fpake nine times unto Abraham, as Gen.t2. 1,7, you may obferve Ripon diligent reading from Gen:12: to z a. He t3.c°15.1.c.17.ípake allo ro others of the Ancients. And when God refilled to I.c.!s.[. C.2t. open his lips and (peak to Saul, How pitifully doth he complain, 27' &"'"1° I am fore dz f refled for the Philiftines make warre upon me, and God is departed from me, andanfuvereth me no more,neither by Prophets, nor by dreams 1 Sam.28. 15. Said took it not only as his difia- ragement, but as his undoing, that God refuted him conference. This refulal (according to the prefent interpretation) Zophar fails in jobs dilh,Thou haft praied that God wouldmanifeft him fe f to thee, and that's an honour which he hath done to many Of his fer- vanes in the Catalogue of whom thouwriteft thy name andpre- tendeft they fell. for one, but he hearkens not unto thee, though I II:ifhhe would. O that Godwould s eak,, and open his lips againft thee! But what is the manner of Gods fpeaking, and how doth he open his lips