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4 Chap. i i. eAn &xpoliition upon the Book, of Jó B. Verf. 6. ence, and redargue his impatience., by telling him , That Codex- ogledof him leffe thenhis iniquity defervel, and did he exaík of7e rufalem double for all her iniquities ? I anfwer , God is fo farre"from exalting double of his people for fin in a way of fatisfation , that he taketh nothingof them, not a pent' of them upon that account. atria is the only pay-ma- , tier for believers to the juflice ofGod , and he hath paid double, yea an hundred fold in fufficiency, for all their fins. When the Church receives double, it is double, that is full chaflifement for all her fins , but the makes no paiment for any one of her fins.' So double deflru5fion threatned, upon the enemy is full defiruetion (Jer.17.18.) Andwhen the Church is promifed double honourfor herfbame, Ifa.6l . 7. and double liberty for her refiraint andimpri- fonment (Zach.9. i4.) The. Prophets give her affurance of corn- pleat honour and perfeEt liberty.. Again, The - word double is put alto for that which is in any kinde choice and excellent. The burying place which eflbraham bought ofEploron, is called (from this word) the Cave of ilac- Pnfpeluncxdu- pelah ;_ that is, fay force, a double Cave,one for men, another for i.e.excel women,. one within another, ; or as others, a fair, beautiful - Bold Gave , to which fenfe. the words ofthe children ofHeth at the' ex;11YY1/d._ ï301á. fixth verte, feem to lead us. In the choice ofourfepulchres bury thy dead. That which is beflittr moll is doubleat leaf}, Thus thejeeret.c of God, being very - excellent, are double. 7o that which is.. 7- ,unr6 Theword which we tranlláte, that which is; beareth a very va nous fenfe, and fo renders the text very; difficult. Firfl , It lignifies a law or rule pretéribed to liveand walk by 'Bence fame tranflate, They are double according to the law O that 5ecuxdum:le- he wouldJew thee, that his law is double, or that there is agreat deal em,,pag. more in the law, then thou,appreheodefl. Some refirain this to the Et quodmuhi- law given Noah., The feven precepts whereof are famous among Flex effet Texe- the ancient traditions of the Jews. The firfl whereofforbad the . Valg' worfhip of orange gods. The fecond commanded to bleffe the name InteRige ofthe true good. The third prohibited the fhedding of innocent Z1Tè.t datan:; Hugo trot in blond. The fourth was againfl the defilements offilthy lulls. The fifth againfl theft. The fixth concernedjudgement andinflict. The feventh laid, Thou (halt not pull a member from a living creature, andeat it. But