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sr} Chal?. a t, an E'xpoftion tapon the Book, of jO B. àterf:b, (port of their due, yea and uncapable of their due. The Saints in this life cannot hold fo much glory as Chrifb bath purchafed (t Cor. a 5. io.) Flefh and blondcannotinherit the kingdomofgod. The frame ofstature , though purified and purged is not recep- tive of heavenly glory. Thus allo the frame of mans natureun- purified , is not receptive of to much punifhmeñirt, as fin deferveth: ' This flelh and blood cannot enter into the kingdom of hell. Therefore as the Saints !hall have fpiritual bodies , that they may be fit veffels for the glory of heaven ; fo the wicked !hall (in a fenfe) have fpiritual bodies too , that, they may be fit valets for the miferyof hell. Their bodies (hall not die , their bodies that' live without the füpport of natures , meat anddrink, fleep or re- frefhing. Thus they Ihall have an angelical life ; and all to this end, That theymay capable fubje s of the fury and wrath of God , even ofall that vengeance , which he hath prepared and will pour Out upon thofe who difobey the Gofpe! and come not in to receive Jails Chrifi. We may fay of wicked men in this life,.Verily they have their reward ; they have Peen the belt of their daies the heft of their fiate But how much fo ever any wicked man is puni(hed , though he fpend all his daies groaning and figh- ing, though he be poor and tick, weak and pained, though he lie upon the rack of the moll: torturing difeafes the fione , gout, r.c .yet it'cannot be Paid of this man, He bath had his punifhment. Amiferable ignorant man is ready to fay, I hope Ihave hadmypx nifhment, my hell in this life. Alas, poor foul,thou maifi be pained here, and in hell too : thou maifi go from rack to rack, from tor- ture to torture ; prefent punifhments are but as a tip of that cup, which !hall be drunk to the bottom in hell , they are but as !ports t.o the pain there, and as painted fire to rea4l fire. As the bell of the Saints portion is behind , Their works follow them,--their re- ward waits for them ; So the won't ofa wicked mansportion is behind , his fins follow him his works of fpiritual darknes foI- low him into eternal darknes, his punifhment waits for him Though his judgement be now afleep , yet it will awake, and ne- ver fleep, nonor (lumber any more. JOB.