Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v4

Chap. r t. An Expofition upon the Tool. of JO B. Vert 7. 55 JOB Chap.rz.verf.ß,8,g,zo,i1. Cant thoubyfearching find out God? Canf thou find out the Almighty untoperfeelion ? it is as high as heaven,what ca,0 thoudoe?' deeper thenhell, what can,F thouknow? . The meaftsre thereof is longer then the earth andbroader then thefea. if he cut of, andPhut up, orgather together, then who can hinder him? Forhe knoweth vainman,He feeth wickedneffe alfe, willhe not confider it? For vainman 'wouldbe wife, though man isborn like awilde ages colt. PT1He three firft vertes of this context , are an illuflration, or a 1 comment upon the fixth. Zophar having breathed out his with , O that God would/Jieak,, andthat he wouldPew thee the fe. erets ofwifdom , that they are double to that which is , proceeds to prove, That it is but need he lhould tñofe frcrcts being fuck, as none can fee till they are Chewed : This he Pets on rhetorically, . with a vehemently negativeexpoflulation, Verfe 7. Cant# thou byfearching findout God ? Thou can't not., Gang thoufindeout the Almighty untoperfeilion ? It is impoflïble. In the two followingverfes,the 8th and 9th he purfues.the fame ar gument , advancing the wifdom of God above the higheft hea- vens, and carrying it below the howefl parts of the earth, Thegot- rnofl extent of things created iss toonarrow for the Creatour. Mans natural wifdom reacheth at the: M, it but to the utmoft bounds of nature. But Gods wifdom is as high as (that is , higher then) heaven, yea deeper then hell, the meattre thereof is longer then the earth, andbroader then the fca. From the vaflnes of God', wifdom he defcends to the abfo- intend ie of his foveraigr , y 7r the tenth verle , and gives an ac-, count, or an argument ç;i . _ ,e in the eleventh an4 twelfth.,