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Chap. I t. efln txpofrtion upon theBook,of J O B. Verf.7. even of his eternal power and God head. Doe but pull up a graffe from the earth , or crop off a leaf from a tree, and you may fee God upon it. How is it then faid , that you cannot finde out God, no not by fearching ? I anfwer firif, We may finde God by fearching, but we can not finde him out, that is, we cannot finde the utmol} of God, as the next claufe feems toexplain, Cane thou finde out the Almighty toperfetiion ? Secondly, God maybeconfidered , either in his being , or in the manner of his being. In his working or in the manner of his working. In his being, God is eafily found out : This notion lies upper; mofl , or rifeth up in every heart ; it is a principal that-lives in, , and cannot be blotted out of a natural confcience ; Thoufands deny, God but all (who have not quite put out the very light of nature) acknowledge there is a God, A Heathen laid , There is no Nation fo barbarous , fo untaught and ignorant but confeffeth there is a Clod. When man fell from.God this truth flood as when Cities and great buildings are overthrown by warre , fome Towers , fome Pinacles furvive the violence fo amongff the ru. ines and decaies of that perfeanature , which God made at firff, the notion ,of a God remained. Atheitls>, who would not finde God , finde him againff their wills, even whether they will orno. While they thruft God out of their converfations, he continues in their confciences, That God is is fo eafily found , that itcan hardly be loft ; It is found with fo little flùdy,that many who flu- dy Much to lofe it, cannot. - But you cannot finde out God in the manner of his being; or what a God he is : you cannot finde out his power and, his holinef e and his lufliee , his faithfulneffe and unchangeablenes with all your fearch; You cannot finde there diffin.ftly in the book of nature , nor underffand them eafily when you finde them plainly defcribed, and highly magnified in the book of Scri.. pture. Again, We may findeout God in his working,or in his work, we may fee fuch works done, as fpeak a God, fuch, as all muff fay with the.Magicians oftEgypt,The finger ofgod is, here ; We may finde this with a little fearching, poflibly without fearching ; we can hardly hide this from your eyes, yea, ifwe Phut our eyes, we have much adee not to fee it. Some cannot fee, though their I eyes