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Chap. a t. e./fn ' xpofition upon the Boob, of JO B. iterf7.` eyes are open ; others Phut their eyes , lefl they lhould fee (1f4. Lord, when thine hand is liftedup, they will not fee. Some workings of God are fo eminent and evident, that if menwere not wilfully blinde, they mull needs fee them. That God works, that there is a divine power, carrying on the affairs of the world, is written as with abeam ofthe Sun. But if we confider the man- ner of his working, ther's a fecret, that's myflerious : Providence bath fuch various waies , fuch intricate turnings that a fearclìing man may be to feek about them. God doth not alwaies leave the print of his foot-fleps , where hegoeth. The way ofan Ea- gle in the air, the way of a Chip in the midi' of the fea , the way of a ferpent upon a rock, are not fo untraceable as many of the wales ofGod. Now forafmuch as Zophar treating of the wifdom of God, con= cludeth, That God cannot be found out. Havingwilhed , O that hewouldPhew thee the fecrets of wifdom, he puts not the Queflion thus, Canfi thou by fearching finde out the wifdomof God ? But, Canfi thou byfearchingfinds out God ? -fence obferve, thewifdomofCod is God. So alfo the power of God. is God , and the holineffe of God is God. The attributes and qualities of God , are eflintial to God; there is no.diflinaion between fubflance and quality in God; man and his qualities are two things, man and his wifdom, man and his holineffe are difline}, Many men are neither wife nor ho- ly yet men flill But God and his wifdome, God and his holi- nes are the fame ; He could not be God, if he were either unwife or unholy. Once have d fworn by myholinejfi faith God, Tfalco 89.36. that is, I have fworn by my'felf, as the Apoflle explains,. it , Hob. 6. t 3. Becaufe he could fwear by nogreater , he faire by himfelf. Secondly, Obferve, The wifdomof God unfearchable. As they laid in the book ofJudges,lAs theman isfoeshis might; ill we may fay much more , As God is, fo is his wifdom. There is more wifdom of God in making the leafl thing then wecan make out. Then, what is there in God himfelf ? ifa man thould be examined abut the meanefl creature ,, Can he refolve fully, whyit is made ofloch matter, why in fuch a form ? Can he tell why the colour is fuch, or fuch the qualities ? why for fuch ufes, and.