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6z Chap, r I: AnEExpoftion upon the Book of J O B. Verf.7. largeít ,underftandings.yThe Lord b{efpeaks. Job chap. 38. zz. Hajl thou entred into the treatres of theProw?There are fecrets in nature, which were never entred intoby art : The treaCures of the fnow defcend uponus, but we cannot a(cend into the treafures of the (now.; we cannot enter into naturali things, how (hall_ we en, ter into fpirituall ? how (Ball we enter into the God of fpirits? Eje bathnot feen . nor ear heard, neither haveentred into the heart of ?man , the things which Godpath preparedfor them that lovehim, z Cor. z. 9. And if the things which God hath prepared for man, have not yet entred into his heart, can God who hath pre- pared thofe things enter into his heart ? Solomon pmts the eve- Ilion Ecclef. a T. S. Cant thou know how the bones doegrow in thewon be ofher that is with childe ? evenfo (faith he) thou know- not the works of Clod who makethall : If natural! quefl'ions pole us, divine quefiions may amaze us. To know God here is eternal! life, and yet we !hall not know all of God in eternal! life. It is our perfeftion to know God while we fojourn here upon the earth, yet we (hall not know God to the utmofi of his perfeEtion in heaven : in heaven we (hall know himperfeftly , but not unto perfection : Nowwe know inpart , then we Pall know as we are kpown; that is, we (hall knowmuch, we (hall know abundantly : Now we fee thsrowaglaffe darkly , but thenface to face i Cor. t 3, v.12. that is cleerly,immediatly,not by reflexion,but by intuition. Then the curtains !hall be drawn aûde, then all the clouds and darkvapours which fland between us and truth, (hall be fcattered frombefore our eyes : Then, the beautiful! faceof truth (hall bé unveiled, there !hall not fomuchas any doubt interpole between truth and our uuderdandings. Thofe perplexedquefiions and fa- tall controverfies, which have troubled the pease of the Chur- ches , and exercifed, yea vexed the greateft wits to refolve and compote them , (hall have all their knots untied and their falla- cies difcoverad by the meaneíi fcholar in glory. Andyet Zophars denying queftion may be put to the highefi graduate in glory ; Canft thou finde out God unto perfeflion ? As there Thall be no feek?rs in heaven, fo, nofilch finders. Creatures (hail there know fo much of God as will make them perfeEtly happy , but to know Godunto perfeCCtìon is more then comes to the (hare ofacrea- tureshappineffe. 'Tis theperfeft happineff of god, to know himfel f tinto perfet ion. Zophar having by way of queLion laid down this pofrtion, That