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Chap. it. effn Expofrtion upon the Took of J ®B. Verf. 8. 63 That, mancannot findeout G: d unto perfection , exemplifies ir. Altitudines cati lieb. Emphafn Verfe 8. It is as high as heaven, what canîl thou doe. deeper then continet plurale hell, what canft thou now : more Hebræo It is as high as heaven, what canft thoudoe ?] What is as high as rind,ne fi heaven ? The wifdome of God is. Wifdome Lis the foxing an- gnfcans. tecedent to this relative. The Hebrew is plurali It is as the high: neffes of heaven; take all the heights and elevations, all the fphears and f}ories of heaven clinibe the loftieft pinnacles of heaven, wifdome is higher, or high beyond themail, fo it may be rendered from the originall ; high above the heavens. Some Tranflators give us the text in this interrogation , What _Quidfacies la wilt thou doe in the height ofthe heavens? which founds like the attítudinecala Apof}les caution ; Be not high minded, butfear : or like Davids rum > Sept. humble acknowledgement `!'fal: a 3 z, i. I doe not exercife myVtabs. Pagn.- Pelfin things too highforme : as ifhe had Paid , Seeing thou cant} not mannage the height of the heavens , furely thou cant} not di- gef} the height ofGod who is above the heavens : If thou fhould- ell be put to give an account of things in heaven of the Sun, Moon and Stars , or of rheir motion , thouwilt bepuzled. How then wilt thou be able to give an account of him who is higher then the heavens, whom the heavenofheavens cannot contain, a King. 8. 17. Ifa. 66. I. who all;buildeth his fòries in the hen yens Amos 9.6. Afironomers have left us the dot rine of the heavens they tell us of the nature and order, of the qualities and influences of Chafe fuperiour bodies : but they (peakmoli by guelfe, or without book. There is no certainty in that knowledge, Dsino ebr though force probability..t2.51ronozners look up to heaven , but crearis a ed they bring little ofheaven down tous. What wilt thou doe in the extra, pafra height of heaven? effèntiæimmen- urther when Zophar faith, the wifdome ofgod is as high as hers- ftatenl.Auguft. ven, hemeans, his wifdome is exceeding high. The higheft heaven lib. , de Civ._ being the higheft of all things viuible that mutt needs be higher Damaf 1'. 2: then the higheft of vifïbles, which is higher then theheavens; and de Orthodox.' becaufe thole things which are extream high atfeet us highly, Fide cap. 6. therefore he gives divine wifdome the utmoft line of the dimenfìon. It is as high as heaven. 421^ 7Jeeper then hell, what canft thou know? The wordSheol, is taken denotat omnia for all that is deep or low , fometimes it is put in fpeciall for the locafubrerra grave, here for the place of the damned. As we can do little in Dace Dtur,. the