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64 Chap. r i . An E'xpofation upon the Book, of-J OB. Ver,. g. the height ofheaven, fo we know little of the lowefl hell. Some of the upper part of the earth is to us yet (terra incognita) an un- known land ; but all of the lowed part ofhell , is to us an un- known land : Many thoufands have travelled thither , but none have returned thence to make reports or write books of their gupiter est travels. Zhat peece of Geography is very imperfect. It is deeper jusnmas vertex then bel what tanfi thou know ? Heaven and hell are the greateff alantat fimh oppoftes or remoteft extteams. (e2Iatth. s . za.) 7houCaper - n saw. mum nr- which art exaltedup toheavén , fhalt be brought down to hell ro aped Eufeb., Heaven and hell are at furtheft natural! diftance , and are there- ]. 3. C. 3. de fore the everlaflling receptacles of thole who are at the furtheft præpar.Evang moral! diflance , beleevers and unbeleevers , Saints and impeni- rents. And as the height ofheaven , fo the depth ofhell is afcri- bed to wifdome; to thew the unfearchablenef e of it. O the depth ( as well as O the height) of the wifdom ofCod how unfearehable arc hisjudgements, and his wayes pafifinding out , (Roma I.35,). We read of the deep things of God (s Cor. z. to.) The Spirit fearcheth all things, even the deep things,or the depths ofgod. Satan, who is full offubtilty and craft, bath his depths alto (`J<ev.2.24.) But unto you I flay , as many as have not k,eow the depths of Satan ; This is, who have not approved nor prayfiled the policies and de- vices which Satan inspires his difciples with , under the notion of .profound wifdome. Deeps of all forts lie far out of our view, and are hard tobe found out. Verte 9. The meafure (or the flatare) of it is longer than the earth , and broader then thefea. The former verte (hewed us the height and depth ofwifdome; this its length and bredth. Pepulari modo It is longer then the earth.] He fpeaks popularly, or to the 1°quitar nam fhorteft and narrowefl capacity ; man thinks there is nothing q'0C _pat10 a` 'longer than: the earth The length of manyparts of the earth is diantix vul- T gu eihitcarias exceeding long: how long then is the whole earth. e%llatherna- concipit. Bold. titian tell us, that the circumference of the earth is about zz thoufand miles , a vafl length ; and the meafure is the fame in the mare& occi- length of it from eafl to weft , or in the bredth of it from north dens;qúdd ma- ro fouth ; Every Sph:ericall body is of equal! dimenlions. The re magnum meafure ofwifdome is longefl, being longer then the earth,which sic dentalemarra is the longed journey man ever travelled. tcrr.etjrset, Andbroaderthan theI'm.] Latitude or bredth is ufually alsri bed