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Chap. i r. 4n Expofftion upon the Book, of ,j 0B. Verf.- t o:. leffe the governour or he that hath the power of the place fell, or betray them to theenemy. The people of/fuel , were fo for- tified with promifes yea walled about with God hirnfelf,. that except their rock had fold them, except God had (as we may fpeak with reverence to his eternal! faithfullneffe) betrayed them into their enemies hands, they had continued impregnable. In this fenfe take the word here, If the Lordfiat asp, that is, ifhe put men as in a prifon., or into the adverfartes hand, who can hinder Orgather together. This aft ofprovidence is oppofite to the former; by that men, are Phut up as prifoners, and debarred of liberty ; By this they are gathered together as friends unto one fociety. Scattering . imports affliction, and gathering areturn out of affliction. The Apoftle :ames dedicates his-Epiflle, to-the twelve tribesfeatured17np abroad. And when the Prophet Zephanie foretells the reflaurä- Congregari nonof theJews ,. (chap.3. ¡7.) hebrings in God rejoycing overflsum themwith jo,,refling in his love,joytng,over themwithPinging, and Paying (verf. 18.) I willgather them that areforrowfull, l willfave her that halteth , andgather ber that was driveneta.'To gather is to reftore whether to civil! or to fpirituall fociety. There are two words in the Hebrew noting Church affemblies;. whereof this is one yet it may be interpreted a Common- wealth gathering , as well as ofa Church-gathering, ofa civil, as well as offpirituall communion. The bookEccleftaFles receives itsColxkth giber title (Kobeleth) from this root. Two reafons may be given of iv: in quo coüeûis Either becaufe that book ofthe Preacher is a collection ofexcel omnes fiientier,. lent obfervations ; Solomon there gathered together and con re- ad gHem gated many points of higheft wifdome. Or becaufe men ought miner co g eeo to affemble, or congregate themfelves chearfully together; to heargantur.. and drink in at the ear thofe excellent ¡nitrations which Solo- man gives in that book. A le4rned Interpreter underflands all thefe ails , of affliction ;. if theLord cnt of by fword, ¡hut top in prifon , gather together and bundle men up as fuel to feed the flame ofhis fierce indignation , thoughheBoth all or any. of thefe. things, whocan hinder him ? The Chaldee Para brafi. tranflates st `ongregaye`,- thongb.hegather tgether his armies, his military forces thou h he.rir exerettus y $ aatcopiat mill- rnufler nations together in a warlike manor. to vexor deftroy Tart., . each others Who