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78 Chap. êxpoftion upon the 'Book;of O B. Verf.ri. I. The eafieft 2. The fpeedieft>knowledge. 3. The fureft An eye-witneffe is farre more authentick then an ear- witneié is. GodTeeth , He doth not trouble hinifelf to dig down into a matter by tedious inquiries he needs no Committee of examinati- ons to make, difcoveries , heneeds not pump and fetch up the hearts á®s, of men ; He feeth what watersare in thatfountain,he feeth,hedoth not learn.. And what doth he fee ? He feeth Wicicdneffe alfo. IN The word is fometimes taken for internal wickedneffe, that intrinfcam flock and mafl'e ofcorruption, which lies dolewithin us ; and fo snalitiamac it falls in with the former expreffion, the vanity ofmans nature. onentale defide- But befides It notes any external evil and fo there is a differ= riumadma-; ence, The Lord1snowethvain man, what his nature is, andhe fetch dumimportaY. > > e wickedneffe.. All the aftings of vainmen , all the evil<counfels and crooked conveyances of their lives , whatfoever wickedneffe they do , is immediately before his eye. The Lord knows the vanity that dwels in the heart,, and fees the_wickedneffe that is abed by the hand. In propriety , the word imports that which iswithout reafon wicked men are unreafonable, or abfurd men, that the Apoflles charaCter of them (2 Thefl:3. 2.) They can give no account why they are wicked., neither of the end they propofe, nor of the means they ufe.. There is no reafon in what they doe nor can they giveany true'reafonwhy.they doe it Sin isan abfurdity both waits, Hefeeth wick.edneffe. Hence obferve, All the movings of the fons of nun in the waits o f finneareevident to God. Hefeeth them. VGThat wedoe, we doe in the eye ofconfcience; and though confcience benow afleep-or blinde in the finners eye, yet cq&1cience hath an open ,Eagle-eye upon every fin. Now if ,confcience feeth wickedneffe God Teeth it much more; Ifoar heart condemn us (and that it could not doe unleffe it fee us) Clod is greater then our heart, andknowet h all things, I Joh.3. 20. Take heed of endeavouring to hide fin fromGod , or ofhoping you fin unfeen. That was good counfel which one of the Anci- _ènts gave, It is belt to fhew that unto-god, which we cannot hide fro.