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Chap. i i. An E'xpofrtion "pen the Bookof J OB. Verf. t Y. from, him: Shewyour wickednefíe untoGod byconfef ling it, for you cannot hide it from God by denying:or excufing it Hefeeth wiclednes alf-o. There is yet a third an inferred upon the former two. 79 Will henotthen confider it Manya careleffe man,knoweth and feeth his own wickedness or the wickednes ofothers,but he laieth neither of them to heart:But do you think that God knoweth and feeth wickedneffe after the rate of careleffe men ? Doth he know and fee and not regard ?;' No, He confiders it. And Zophar is not fatisfied to fay He cons ders it, but heputs it home flrongly with a Queflion Will he not confider it ?: Yes,' he will certainly he will confider the vanity and the wickedneffe of mzin, becaufe he knoweth the one , and feeth the other. What isnot known and Peen, cannot be contì- dered. One or both thofe aEls are precedaneous to confideratim on; but force fee and knowwhat they-never confider ; conCdera- tion loth not alwaies follow thofe ans. God looks weightily upon the world , he fees judicioufly , critically, he Both not look upon men to gaze at them , but ro difcern, try., and judge them The Hebrew word figniñes aclearneffe ofobfervation ,. anda .1'2 flrength of judgement about the things which are feen, or an an Ex vi origins- ofdifcerning arnfng from greatefl attention and meditation, Pfal. lip bcec confide- Thou ¡halt diligently cou ider his lace faith _`Daviá pro- rat ioea attenrca - 37' J" 3 ,i f' P > > p quadam, dili- phefying the utter ruine and abolition of a wicked man, thoughgens, prudens, he flourith, yet it is but fora while, anon he is gone, and when e5' quufconfi- he is gone, though thou diligently confider his place, though thou liatrix medira=- fit down and mark how this man lived, and ghat he was , yet b, ? e ue unarm fcarce any foot-fleps of him will be found It (hall not be. The sritar word is ufed to the fame fenfe (Levit.i O. zo.) where laws are given to the Priefis about difcerning the defilements of the peo- ple That they might past difference between holy and unholy, and betweenuncleanand clean: So to confider as to fee a difference be- tweenperfon and :perfon , fl'ate and Rate , is diligent confiderati- on. Thus God confidereth. he diflinguifheth man and mañ, the wales of one man from the wales ofanother , and the way ofe- very man in it fell: He knoweth man as a Judge knoweth upon trial! and examination ofwitneffes, with all the circumflances of the faEì, Zopha ,.