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8o Chap. t t. .An Expofition upon the Took, of J O B. Verla. <I aó Zephar in this feems to touch 7obs fuppofed hypocrifie ; As if he had laid , Poffibly thou prefumefl to impofe upon God, or put bim offwith fair Pews,but thouwilt be deceived, he trieth the iriçs of the children ofmen, he weighs all their aciions, he will weigh thee out to a grain , he will difcover the dealt errour andvariation from the rule. Therefore never think by thy flourifhes ofprofeffionandout-fide devotion to deceive him. Heknoweth vainman, andfeeth:wickednefs, Will he not then .confider .it ? Hence obferve, God doth not only:know and fee , but he takes deep confderation of wenswickedneffe. The Prophet cals the Jews toconfider their.waies (Hag. t.7.) as if he had Paid, I know you have kept many falls, you haveconfelt your fins , and often arraigned your felves in the ears of heaven, but all this while you have not confidered them, Çoe now and con- fider your waits. God confiders your waies and will not you'? Gods confideration is not a bare knowledge of the fat. He con- fiders the perfon who, the place where, the time when the fa& was committed. He confiders the means and admonitions the war- nings and cautions, the, threatnings and the judgements which . providence _adminiftred to prevent ir. All there are brought into the reckoning, where there is (fuch as Gods is) a full confidera- tion. Now confider this , ye (inconfiderate ones) that forget Çod , left he tear you in pieces , and there, be none > to deliver, ,Pfal. ;o. zz: Secondly , To confider a thing , is to punith it.. And fo it an- fvvers the former verfe, The Lordcutteth off, andfhutteth up ; he makes ftrange work in the world , Why ? , He knoweth vainman, and he feedswickedneffe alto, Will not he then confider it ? that is, is it poffible he fhould know and fee fo much wickedneffe, and not punith it ? As we . fay, to thofe under our powerconcerning the faults which we know them guilty of , Well , there will comea time when we !hall confider this, that is, A time will come, when we !hall pundit . you for this , you than finde and feel what you have done. Thus God confidersthe fins ofmen. Hence note,' The evils whichGod knows and fee, he will certainlypunif9. ..Amos 3.2. Ton onlyhave I knownof all the families of the earth, therefore I . will punifh you for all your iniquities. God knows all the families of the earth, as to know is a work of the underfland- tog,