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Cliap.a5. AnExpofition upon the' BooCof JOB. VerG22. I03___. not that that he 'hall return out of darknefs , that is, he is, fo haunted with fears every night, when he lies , that he thinks he than never live till the morning This is a good. fenfe. Thirdly, Others underhand thisdarknefs , to be death , he bath a per(ed found of dread when death cornes,. becaufehe believes not that he (hall return out of that darknefs. The relürre-lion is the corifolation of the Saints , in themidec of greate t dangers and thicket} darknefs ; becaufe , though they die, yet they believe they (hall return out of darknefs But a wicked man , who believes orhopes for nothingbeyond the time of this life, ifhe be once call into the grave, either thipks he (hall lie there for ever , or if he believes he (hall rife , yet he doth not believe that he (hall rifeout of darknefs, for he (half rife in darknefs; and go down to everlafling.darkncfsi Fourthly, A fourth expounds it of internal darknefs, the darknefs -of-his fpirit, or of thole milts and clouds which hang about his mind. AGodly man falling into this darknefs, clothnot adualiy believe he (hall return out ofit , ( for fuck a faith were his return out ofit)but a wicked man as he hath noground, fo no pcfúbility ( continuing in the (tare ,he is ) to believe it. Saul hada woful dark fpirit, and believed not that he fhould return out of it, by the help of God ; therefore he went to a Witch (a Counfellor of the Prince of darknefs, for help. But fifthly,I rather conceive, as often elfewhere,, by darknefs is meant , outward of i&ion. When the eleftroyer comes upon him , and he is caftinto a fad dark condition , he hath no faith for himfelf, that he (hall return out óf it, orbe delivered from it. This is an extremeaggravation of the mi- ferablèftate of a wicked man , who either hath nooutward profperity, or his profperity is nothing to:him, he enjoys it not"; but if ever he fall into outwardmifery , .how great is his mifery, fogreat that he gives himfeiffor gone a loft man for ever: He believer notthat he 'hall return out of darknefs. Obferve hence.` That a wickedman neither cloth , tsor can believe deliverance