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1ó,q, Chàp.i$. `AnE-cpofztzonïipnn the BöolC`of J He hash no ground to believe , promifes are the foundationof faith. Awicked man may beunder promifes of converfion from his fin, but he is not under any promife of mercy while he Continues his fin ; the whole Booköf `God yields him not (in that !fate) any fpecialpromife, for fo much as a bit of bread ; when he bath bread , he bath it from pro- vidence, not froma promife, or but from a general "prat-life. He is fed as a Beat is fed , the Lord being thepreferver of Man and Beall : He' cannot -have afpecial promife 'hiinfelf, not being an Heirof''Prorzife Therefore when he falls into dark. a efs, he hath no ground to believe. CWhereas a Godly Man never bath tò much ground to believe, as when he falls into darknefs , becaufe then he hath more promifes then before; his outward loffes gain him the advantage of many fweet promifes; whicli'till thén'he could' not plead, for the fuccour andnouriflinrif of his faith. Asa icked'i an ha'th nó'pro- mifeof d4(in the fenfe explained) at any time; fó a' 'God man 'bath molt promites of God in evil'; yea, in the wortt of times. Andas a wicked man hath no ground to believ'e; fo heüfu; ally bath no heàrit to-believe :a's he bath no reafon tó hope fo`r ° better things';' lobe ath no courage, his S' rrt' finks'árrd' fails, when his [fate doth. Abigail' had ì1a ('Donor°'fold .Nálalf that the dettroyer was coming `nípon-hifi in his profperity, but his heart funk within him, like a (tone, and he died away , prefently. ' * econ ly` , Fhcz l eft of wicke1 aaìisfn°hTth'at h'efha11, return on?, -6f dxrkl .fs'1) but a`'prefú'n; tubá &itie;`: r.. meet Fool hardinéfs. A good- man is like a C'h;1de in his .Fathers howl ,' who takes nocare , but ca(l's all ujónhis Pa- renti , rn the reatett f}oran , heconrtts ',the helm'' to C F rift as Pilot ; hé an ' áy aS' wzd , {` Pfaln 2 Y when hë is'" in "ttouble,Wb) art thou ilif tethed, o rii0kjte 1Ht.:ais his;tpt i7? to quellion and would hav'e'his font gtvé h ih *íh1, 7P'hJp''t art thou lroubled,inyfold? hope za Gòd,fdr I (hdityret i`.:.aife fiim But a wicked manhath no God to'hopein therefore` heeàñ= not fay. I(hall yet praife him ; That man cannot ,cafe his bur- den of cares upon the Lord ( Pfalm.55. 21 )' li'deái'és°ñot haw he burdens God with his fins ; therefore ,he mull beear and :fink ucìder both taÑ bens h?mfelf " Rd atirïote believe