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Chap,s5, An .Bxp'ofition upon the BookofJ OB. Verf..22: 165 that he (hall return out of the darknefs of trouble, who de. lights and fposts in the darknefs of iniquity. Again, Confider, this is brought as a proof of the woful condition of a wicked man. It is mifery enough, that the de- firoyer fhall come upon him; but this is more miferable, he can- not believe deliverance from deihu ion. Hence obferve, That want of faithin time of afiition is more grievous than of ietion : It is worfenot to believe deliverance, than to fall into trouble ; as the life of faith is the belli life, fo the Life of unbelief is the worft life. Defpeir of good is the gresteft evil : Faith is not onely the fupport and relief of the foul in trou- ble, but it is the vilory and triumph of the foul over trouble. Faith doth not onely keep the foul alive; but lively, Faith keeps the foul fat and ingood plight : Faith is afhield, both againft temptation and afilidion. But every blow falls upon the bare skin of an unbeliever ; Faith is a fhield both againft the fiery darts of the Devil, and (with - a difference) against the fiery darts of God allo. Let God hitnfelf cats his darts at a Believer, Faith fecures him from butt, though not from wounds, yea, his very wounds, through a work offaith, ¡hall work his good. It is the comfort of a man that feareth God, and obeyeth' thevoyce of hisfervants, that while he walketh in darknefs and bath no light he is bid to truft in the name of theLord, and to flay upon his God (I fa. But while a man that doth not fear God, walks in darknefs and hath no light, his mifery is, that he can neither truft in God till light comes, nor that light will ever come. How happy are the righteous, to whom light arifeth in darknefs? How unhappy are the wicked, who being in darknefs, conclude that the light will never arife. Faith makes all evil good to us, and all good better; un- belief makes all good evil to us, and all evil worfe. Faith (like the Horfe, job 39, 19.) laughs at the (baking of the Spear, unbelief trembles at the (baking of a leaf. Faith finds fòod in Famine, and a Table in the Wildernefs. In greatest dangers, Faith anfwers, I have a great God ; when outward ftrength is broken, and all lies a bleeding, Faith anfwers, The promifesare ftrong ¡till, they have not loft a P drop