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106 Chaps s, An Expofition upon the Book of j O B. Verf,22. drop of blood, nor have they a fear upon them. When God himfeif appearsangry, faith anfwers, I know how to pleafe him, and I can go to one in whom he is, and will be well- pleafed for ever. Thus faith pulls out the fling of trouble, draws out the gall and wormwood of every affli6ion. But where faith is wanting , every affli6tion is full of gall and wormwood , and every trouble vexeth with a double fling. It flings fuch, as it is a trouble, and it flings them more, as they fee nocomfort in, nor wayout of trouble. The dark- nefs ofdarknefs is this, Not tobelieve, that we fiall return out of darknefs. And be is waited for of thefword, This claufe is near in fenfe to the latter part of the former Verfe, and yet in this variety of expredìon, there is Come va- rietyof intention. For the clearing of it, two things are to, be enquired : Firfl, What is meant by the fword. Secondly, What is meant by, waitedfor of the fword, The Sword is taken two ways in Scripture. Firft, Litterally, for that weapon of War, and by a Senech- doche the Sword is put for all weapons of War; as allo by.. aMetonymie, for War it fell: When the Sword is threatned in Scripture, War is threatned. Secondly, The Sword is taken for the power of the Magi- Slcmpcii' fer,,, (irate, who bears not the Sword in vain : Chritl is defcribed esnriasradear eum j as a King armed with the Sword (Ifa; I r. 4.) By thefword iy`ieáa rnn*3ro, (that is, with the Word) of his mouth he will Illy the wicked Chrift will pronounce a fentence of Condemnation, and de- liver them up . to execution Thus the Judge flays the. Male- fa&or by the fword of his mouth. icguid pun. Further, by a Senechdoche, the fword is taken for all man- gtt&percuri,,nerof evil and trouble : whatfoever hurts or Alias is com- torquee, E7 prehended under the notion of Sword (Luke "I. 35.) Old Si- cruciar, infer, mean tells the holy,Virgin, in,his Song, 4Ifo afword(hall. pafs -- plait us apeL through thy foul ; his meaning is not, that the fhould be cut taru,Hiecon. off in War, by the handof theSouldier, or in peace, by the ïn.cap.ult.Ifa. fentence of the Judge, but that fore troubles and aflii6ttons, like a tharp Sword thouldpierceher foul. - Here the. Sword ,. may be taken either for the Sword of VfFaró,;