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Chap. i 5. An Expofition upon the Book of J .0 B. Verf. 22. 107 War, or of Peace , or far any evil that befals the Wicked man. But how is he wditedfor of the Sword ; the Original word is rendred two ways; Firfl, Ac ively. Secondly , Paffively. Some render aêtively, He is waited fir of the fword: He eircuvtfpc- flands expeE ing the Sword, and that in a double fence ; he 'airs undique waits for the Sword which he fears will deftroy him , or he gtadium, vUi. waits for a Sword, which he delires to defend him. Mailer Sc. vet quo ,e, Broughton gives this fenfe, "Having watch, he thinketh upon peat vet quofe defendat. the Sword. Tangaa ef. Again, others render it pallively, He is waited for. of the fpecu7aeap fr-nord, when he thinks not of it : The Sword lies in ambuth flat- Tiger. to furprize him. Aman is laid tobe waited for by an enemy, Hebraixantcr when he intends to affault him unawares: To be thus waited tenonseJfep9r- for by the fword, is to be waited for by Sword-men. And it fn iunilnaf is as great a difadvantage to be feen of the Sword, before we Rab, Levi. fee the Sword ; as it is (according to the old Proverb) tobe erponit. teen of the Wolf, or of the Crocodile, before we fee either. confpicirur a The wicked is waited for of the Sword, not for any ter djperusglodia vice, but for the revenge it owes him, the Sword lies behind vatnbi. the door, or under a bufh, to fnap him as he paffeth. Eli Bakal!, The Septuagint, inftead of He is waited, or watched, or mar, ut vide. r a gladia looked for by the Sword, render thus, He is decreed unto the ' i ab ladio a hand of the rword; leading us to the appointment and defli- obfervar'dper nation of God, who hath let him out, and marked, him for indias. judgement. He is appointed to ekefword : Such a Decree the t9ecretusin Prophet feems to point at (fer, 15. 2.) where he brings inthe mat ferri. Lord, as refolved to proceed in judgement againft all prayers eó fpellrtiipfc and íntreaties, though made by his greatett Favorites ; Though dgtadium. Mofr andSamuel flood before me, yet my mind could not be unto Mont. this people, butfach as arefor death, to death, andfuch 'as are Nempe a Dam f or the fword , to-the '- fword : That is ' fuch as are decreed into canfpeflur fj r od the hand ofthe Sword, let tire Sword take them ; the Decree ge de diumnarur flail ¡land, thefentence is irrevocable. Prsvifueenits Taking theText aétively, obferve, eß ad glade. 'Thata rctcltedinan thinks everyone his enemy : He dreams of um. Symo danger when he peeps, and*Re ever he comes, he waitsfor the Sword, He that bath a mind to hurt others, fears it is P a it