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io,8 Chap.'5. An Expofition upon the Bookof J OB. Verf;22o wun,guom non in the mind of every one to hurt him :.He that is baulks is fear. divinam ultia. lets ; and while we go about doing good, we are free from the nemexpeflat fufpicion of evil. Cain having murthered, cow. +gel metuit. Nees. plains of the Lords fentence againff him,'. Thau haft driven me Bx omni porte out this dayfrom the face of theearth, andfrom t..y facefhsll I inimicos libi be hid, and I (hall be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth, quin. re and it fhadl come to pafs that every man thatfinds me Jhallflay denr. wide null, me (Gen.q., r q..) Cains the Comment ofthis Text, .onftditdo om Every one that finds mepall flay me, is, I waitfor, or I expea the ruby; timetjd fword : Cain (peaks as if anArmy were continually purfuing him,. or as if the Avenger of blood were always ready at his heels. And that which aggravates the wonder of this jealou, fie, is, that we can give account but of one man alive in the world betides himfelf at that time, and that was his own fa- ther Adam, we read not ofany fon that Abel left behind him, nor had Cain any fon (upon Record) at that time ; and yet he cries out as if the world had been full of Inhabitants, and every one of them his enemy; Every one that meets me will flay me. What is Paid of Ifhmael, is true of Oppref ors, Their bandis againfi every man, and therefore they have,caute enough to fufp; that every mans hand is againti them, they are ever waiting for the ftrord. Secondly ,from the.pafììve fenfe,He is waitedfor of thefwo.rd. Obferve, That a wicked manis in danger tvherefoeverhe is : He cannot let his foot over the threfhold, but mifchief may arrefl him the Lord laid co Cain, If thou-doff ill, fin lies at the door ; that is (according to the ordinary Interpretation) punifhrnent lies at the door_: it lies at the door,. yea, it will /draw the latch, or turn the key, and at the door 7here is no evil, but a wicked man is 'tibial to it as there is nogood, but is the in- heritance of a godly man , who is therefore called, An. heir of thepromife. He that-is an heir of thepromife, hath all the good things of this life, and. ofrthe next for his inheritance: When he goeth forth, mercy hats him by thehand, yea mercy lies under his feet, and holdsa canopy of proteaion over his head. A wicked man is an heir of the curfe, and therefore he-always 'lands under the droppings of Divine anger ;, his bread is the But or Mark atwahich God levels the deadly Ar rows.of. hisIndignation,. andlbe is waitedfor of thefiord. Thirdly,;